Best Android Apps Not on Google Play Store 2019

Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps

There are many of the best android apps which are not listed on the google play store.

And these applications are the must have apps on your android device.

These best android apps are not listed on google play store due to certain reasons.

But still these apps are the best must have android apps 2019. So because of which I have personally created the list of the best must have android apps 2019 list, so you can download them.

Below is the list of best android apps one must have on their android device, let’s go through all of them below.

Best Android Apps 2019

1. AdAway (Best Android Apps 2019)

Best Android Apps

If you are the type of person who hate ads very much and can’t even bear pop up ads type, then this application is must for you.

This is the application which helps you to protect your device from different types of commercial ads out there.

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If you have any install app in your device which keeps on showing ads very much, then this application can definitely remove the ads.

It’s one limitation is that this application only works on the rooted android device, and some apps might not even work properly.

But you can definitely give this application a try to remove the ads properly from the other applications.

This made up to the best android apps 2019, and the download link is provided just down below.


2. Lucky Patcher

Best Must Have Android Apps
Lucky Patcher

If you want to customize, hack games and applications and make them run on your device, then this application is definitely for you.

Similarly to customize the apps and hack games, you must have a rooted device.

If you have a rooted device then this application is definitely gonna help you to customize applications on your device.

There are many features and functions of this application, and also this application is so good to be rank on the best must have android apps 2019.

To download this Lucky Patcher application, link is provided just down below.

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Lucky Patcher

3. Freedom APK

Best Android Apps 2019
Freedom App

This is the application which lets you to hack games on your device, use this application you can get all the premium and superior stuff for free.

You need to have some of technical knowledge to begin using this application, so you can understand it.

This application made up to the best must have android apps 2019, so download it from down below.

Freedom APK

4. Xposed Framework

Best Must Have Android Apps 2019
Xposed Framework

This is the application which is use to customize your android device, and many of its features and functions are there.

Through this application you can customize each and every function of the android device, and this application needs rooted devices.

This application is compatible with most of the android versions, and is one of the best APK’s one must have on their android device.

Due to it’s amazing functionality it rank up to the best android apps 2019, and you can download it just from down below.

Xposed Framework

5. Mobdro (Best Must Have Android Apps)

Best Android Apps 2019

Is you also want to stream movies, tv shows and other things.

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But don’t have money to get Netflix or Amazon Prime’s subscription.

Then this application is definitely for you, here you can easily stream movies and other things for absolutely free.

Amazing feature is that it supports chrome-cast.

Which means you can easily connect it to any supported device and stream it there.

There are more than 200 different channels to choose what you want to see.

Because of it’s amazing feature this application rank up to the best android apps 2019.

Download it form the given link just down below.

Mobdro APK

So, this is the list of 5 Best Android Apps 2019, which are not on the Google Play Store.

All these applications are really helpful in many forms.

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Any questions regarding the article will be answer down below in the comment section !


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