5 Best Cloning Apps for Android 2019

Best Cloning Apps for Android

Lets take a look at some of the best cloning apps out there for android devices, if you’re looking for the best apps to make a replica of a current application or games you’re running, then this article will help you out on getting the best cloning apps for Android to make dual apps or games and both won’t affect each other in any way.

Lets go back to the time when one task as to be completed before the other one can be done, i.e logging out from facebook so another person can login or playing a game which you don’t want other to play, and all you could do is clear the game data so it can come off fresh once again. But everything has turned out to be more easier and with the help of cloning apps, you can have an application more than 5 times and it won’t affect the main one which was first installed on your android device.

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You can check out these best cloning apps for Android device, they are listed based on their positive reviews and numbers of downloads, so check them out to see which one you would be downloading.

5 Best Cloning Apps for Android 2019

1. Parallel Space

How great it is to have a cloning app which is just so lovely like parallel space, one of the best apps to make dual versions of other apps and with it large number of users, parallel space will let you clone apps to the numbers you want and it gets better cause you can also use themes alongside it.

You can use parallel space with over 24 different languages to choose from, make dual versions of games and apps and enjoy them like its the non cloned version, if you’re looking for a cloning app to use for making dual apps for the likes of whatsapp, facebook, twitter and so much more, then you should go for this.

2. Dual Space

Dual space is known for handling the cloning of whatsapp, if you have issues from other cloning apps not being able to handle whatsapp after it has being cloned, then you should go for dual space cause its also a good cloning app and it can clone anything just the way you want it without facing errors later on.

With dual space, you can get all your social network accounts logged in on your android device simultaneously and no errors will occur, so if you want to clone apps on your android device, then don’t slack cause this app is waiting for you.

3. MoChat

Mochat is another cloning app which you can use to make dual version of other apps and games, basically its best enjoyed on social network apps cause it doesn’t fetch user data even if you logged in your social network account on it and didn’t logout later on, your details are safe and no leaks.

This cloning app is very light and when installing it takes only few megabytes to get it downloaded on your android device, you can use it to make dual version of any app on your android device and you won’t face mixed data, any apps you clone will be separated from the ones you have before.

4. 2Accounts

Price: Free+

2accounts is a cloning app that will let you clone any app on your android device, this app lets you keep aside your work and life apps in a different way and you could always know how to manage both without stress, dual apps you create with this cloning app still keeps the same experience like it was never cloned.

If you want an app that’ll clone other apps for you without delay, then this is one of the best cloning apps which you can use to make replica of other apps on your android device.

5. Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts:Parallel App
Multiple Accounts:Parallel App

Just the name sounds, you can have multiple accounts with this app by just cloning different numbers of apps on your android device, the best part about this app is that no matter how much apps you clone, it doesn’t hang and it doesn’t affect other apps which you have there before.

This cloning app is one of the best app and its is well recommended to be used, you can use it to make multiple accounts on your android device.


These are the best cloning apps for Android which you can use to make multiple accounts or dual accounts on your android device, these apps are of two types which goes as 32bit & 64bit, so know which one to download and you can also check your device gpu before going ahead to download anyone of them.


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