7 Best Cydia Alternatives for iOS Devices 2019

Best Cydia Alternatives

With cydia being expected to shutdown any moment from now, well we decided to give our iOS users something to cheer about, and that happens to be an article on the best cydia alternatives for iOS devices, read more to know more about these awesome cydia alternatives.

Those who jailbreak iOS devices like ipods, iphones, ipads and so on, will definitely know what cydia is and how good it is to have it on your iOS devices, it allows you to get full access to some apps and games which looks unseen in the official apple store, it will let you get all paid apps for free at no cost and also you can get modified apps from it as well.

Well it was announced earlier by the developers of cydia that the program will shut down and with no given date yet, its better to look for its alternatives especially if you’re the type of ios user who can’t afford to pay for apps and games, so check the cydia alternatives from the paragraph below.

7 Best Cydia Alternatives for iOS Devices 2019

Below are some of the best cydia alternatives which you can use on your ios device, the plus about some of these app stores is that, they don’t need a jail broken device before they can run perfectly.

1. Zestia Step

Best Cydia Alternatives

We begin with Zestia Step, a very fine cydia alternative and arguably one of the best at the moment, using this app store on your ios device, you will get access to different types of apps and even hacked games, and you don’t need to jail break your ios device before you can use it.

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Zestia contains different varieties of apps and games which looks unseen on apple store, but despite being a very updated app store, it can’t match the awesomeness of cydia, but overall review of zestia makes it one of the best alternatives to cydia for ios devices.

2. iNoJB

Best Cydia Alternatives

Sometimes different apps which you don’t know about might get you amused most times, and when you hear of iNoJB, you might be wandering what or which apps is this. Well iNoJB is another good cydia alternative which you can use on your ios device without needing to jailbreak it, a very simple web based app store that will provide you with not all but some of the apps which can’t be found on apple store.

This will install apps mostly on devices running ios 7.1.2 and ios 10, you can easily install apps and games from iNoJB, its a good cydia alternative to use, but might fail you sometimes cause it doesn’t have all apps and games in its database.

3. TweakBox

Best Cydia Alternatives

Tweakbox is also one of those cydia alternatives that doesn’t require jailbreak before you can make use of them, in fact it offers just everything cydia will offer you, you can get paid apps for free, you will be able to download musics and movies as well, and at times you will come across popular moded apps from this store.

You can use tweakbox on any ios devices and you don’t have to worry about your ios version cause it works for all, so if you are looking for a good alternative to cydia on ios devices, then you should look forward to getting tweakbox installed on your ios device.

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4. Emus4u

Best Cydia Alternatives

An app with cool interface and very much user friendly is likely to be used and recommended to others, emus4u is another cydia alternative that comes with a lot of simplicity and makes installation of unseen apps and games very much easy for ios devices. You don’t need to jailbreak your device before you can use this app, it doesn’t need any special settings as well.

Using Emus4u as an alternative to cydia, you will be able to get apps and games all for free, and this app store does comes with a screen recorder which you can use to record activities, and also it has its own junk cleaner which you can use to clear caches on your device, its a very good app with a lot of features and also a perfect cydia alternatives.

5. AppEven

Best Cydia Alternatives

AppEven is too good to be ignored and it actually gives an easy access when it comes to installing unseen apps from the apple store, well just like every other stores listed above it, you don’t need to root your device before you can enjoy the awesomeness of this cydia alternative.

It’s just disappointing this app store works on devices with ios 9 to ios 12, so i suggest you make an upgrade if you’re using a really older version of ios software, appeven is good, its perfect but can’t give you all want you want due to lack of jail breaking, but you can still get unlimited apps and games on it even though you don’t jail break your device.

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6. Asterix Installer

Best Cydia Alternatives

Asterix installer is one of the few cydia alternatives one shouldn’t overlook, it works fine on all ios version and doesn’t need a jail broken device before it can work. This store also provides lots of apps and games that are not on apple store, and you can also find modded games and apps on it as well.

It’s a very nice app store and it will provide apps for you according to your device details and os, you can always rely on asterix installer as your perfect alternative to cydia on ios devices.

7. AppValley

Best Cydia Alternatives

Now we round up the list, and the last on the list is Appvalley, a very much similar store which offers same features as cydia, this store is very popular for large numbers of mod apps and games, and not needing a jail broken device does really make it easier for people to use, this store offers a lot and you will get different apps from different categories.

This is a very good alternative to cydia and its one of the recommended, so if you need an alternatives to cydia, you can always add appvalley to your selection.


So far these are the best cydia alternatives for iOS devices, and its a sad new cydia won’t be working anymore, so its much better to find likeness in some of its alternatives. Meanwhile if you use Android, you can check out some of the best google play store alternatives as well.


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