8 Best Discord Bots for Gamers 2019

best discord bots for gamers

Looking for the best discord bots to help you interact with your viewers when you stream a game via discord? well today’s article covers some of the best discord bots which most gamer’s use nowadays, and if you’re about to be a game streamer or already one, then you should take your time to read this article cause it will help you setting up bots to your discord stream.

Discord in other words, is one of the most popular fastest growing communities where gamer’s around the world gets to interact with each other, we have seen the likes of reddit, facebook and other top forums which allows people to exchange greetings and opinions to each other.

Well discord is mainly developed for gamer’s, its a a place where you can meet gamer’s like your self, share opinions about a game or even learn some few stuffs from the top gamer’s around there, and also people do stream games like PUBG Mobile and other games on discord, and sometimes when you message the game streamer, you will see they do reply fast, well that is a response from a bot made from discord.

So if you are about to embark on game streaming journey on discord and find your self among the top gamer’s on discord platform, then you will need to have a bot set to your account so when your viewers want to interact with you while playing a game, you can easily give them a response, it can also let you recruit members to your team, lets you see direct stats and scores of members on your server. Discord bots offers a lot of features, so check out the best discord bots at the moment.

8 Best Discord Bots for Gamers 2019

So i have listed some of the best discord bots at the moment, and i’m sure after reading through it all, you will surely pick one to use on your discord server.

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1. StahpDozAds

best discord bots for gamers

Not an easy job dealing with users on a discord server, and if you find your self with large numbers of users on your server, then this is one of the best discord bots which is quite advisable to use in most cases, you can use stahpDozAds to moderate comments, and also you can use it to blacklists links which are against the server rules, the bot works aggressively and it won’t leave any room for spams from users on your server.

You can set the bot to work just how you want it to work, when you face too much spams on your server, then you can make it work aggressively by blocking off links without putting them in moderation.

2. GuildedBot

best discord bots for gamers

Ever finding your self addicted to playing multiplayer games and don’t wan to play alone when live on your discord server, then this one of the few bots that will help guide you through, this bot works mostly when you play multiplayer games like PUBG, CSGO and many more, with this bot you can recruit players to your server, view the activities done by your team, schedule matches and also communicate before you begin a match.

This is one of the few bots to use for multiplayer gaming purpose, this will surely help you out on your discord server, it also offers some features too, you can use the matchmaking features, check calender’s and many more.

3. Pokecord Bot

best discord bots for gamers

Pokemon go is a very popular game, and since it was announced, people have been playing this game nonstop, and even when you visit some discord servers, you will find people playing discord. Well pokecord bot works only for pokemon game and this bot lets you play with the members on your discord server, its a very addictive game which needs needs more players to play with.

So if you need help setting up pokemon go on your discord server, then you should look forward to setting up this bot, playing pokemon is fun, but its more interesting when you play with people and this game is very much intense, so don’t expect a fair fight.

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4. Music Bot

best discord bots for gamers

Some gamer’s on discord do often use this bot, and most times when they use it, they use it when they are not in a match at the moment, so they call feel relaxed by listening to music and even the users on the server can also listen to the music with them, this bot will allow your members to listen to music on your server, it fetches music videos from youtube, then converts them automatically.

It plays the music in background, so it doesn’t really cause a disrupt on the server, its one of the best bots to use on a discord server at the moment.

5. GameStats

best discord bots for gamers

Just as i have said earlier about discord bots helping you in tracking your game stats and also what your team mates have done so far, well this is a special discord bot that will let you track gaming stats, share your game achievements  and current progress, you will be able to share them all to the members on your discord server.

This bot works for most of the popular games we play at the moment, its very rare not to find this bot on a discord server owned by a gamer, its a bot that works well without any flaws in it, you can go ahead and set it up on your discord server, it will help you out a lot.

6. Aethex

best discord bots for gamers

One of the bots that makes everything very much easier, if you’re very new to discord server or discord bots and you want a bot that will setup up all you need without you going through stress of a setup, then this is the best option for you, this bot will help you ban users who breaks the rule, mutes users who sends multiple messages, and also you can easily integrate your social media links with this discord bot.

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Ask around or even check reviews, this bot is one of the best discord bot you will ever come across, so if you need a perfect bot that makes everything much more easier with less stress, then this is the one to use.

7. Serum

best discord bots for gamers

Serum is one of the coolest bot on discord and when integrated on a discord server, a gamer or streamer will surely enjoy the benefits of this bot, with serum you can easily setup voice commands on your discord server, this makes your work very much easier when in a match and you don’t have to pause or minimize your game when trying to give response to members on your server.

This bot is always working on full force, and you can see it active even when you don’t stream a game at the moment, its one of the best bots to use on a discord server mostly for gamer’s and streamers though.

8. TriviaBot

best discord bots for gamers

The last on the list of best discord bots for gamer’s, this bot is a trivia bot which you can use to test the knowledge of your members before you stream a game, this bot has a lot of questions in it pocket, and sometimes you can use it to do a quiz among your members and do a giveaway price to the winners, this bot gives fun and it covers lots of hot topics relating to gaming and also the  internet.

How to Setup a Discord Bot to Your Discord Server

If you need tutorial on how to add bots to your discord server, then you should watch the video shown below, this video will guide you through setting up a discord bot and if you’re a newbie, then watch the video in full.


That is all about the best discord bots to use on a discord server, there are tons of bots out there actually, but these are the best at the moment, use them to control activities on your discord server, hope you find the article very helpful.


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