10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows PC in 2019

10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows PC

FPS games also known as first person shooter games are one of the most played games nowadays, these games thus comes from different makers, these are games which you can play alone, play with friends and while some requires internet, some don’t.

Today’s article covers a wide range of  10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows Pc, so if you’re looking for an fps game to play, then you should focus more on reading this article cause it will be helpful in getting you a game.

Starting from the days of call of duty, counter strike, bioshock and many more, these where the collections that sparked my interest towards fps games, but now we have tons of fps games out there, so i’ve decided to list them below.

10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows PC in 2019

1. Overwatch

10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows Pc

Overwatch is a very nice fps game one should consider playing, and its really fun when you play this game with your teammates, you will need all strategy you have when playing this game, it involves quick attack, sharp shooting and many more.

When playing overwatch, you must attack, protect and defend your teammates and even when one is knocked out, you must revive them back.

It’s a very nice game where all skills are needed and its one of the best fps games which you can find on mac and windows pc, there is more to watch out for though, so follow the article.

2. TitanFall 2

10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows Pc
TitanFall 2

Titanfall first edition sparked a lot of excitement back in 2016, now the second edition has gotten minds blown away with the realistic game play it brings for gamer.

If you’re looking for an fps game to play on your pc, then i can strongly recommend titanfall 2 as a good choice, titanfall in terms of movement, does have a similarity with prince of persia, cause you can run along walls.

It’s a 2 single player game with a lot of features, if you like men dressed up in space suits, then you should get titanfall cause its one of the best fps games for mac/windows.

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3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows Pc
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of duty games are arguably the best war games ever, and every year the makers always seem to know what their fans wants. call of duty black ops 4 is definitely of a kind and a very much perfect fps game to play at the moment.

This game is an online multiplayer game which features about two to four players, no single player mode included, but its much more interesting teaming up.

You can enjoy different gaming modes on call of duty and it features about three maps, has zombie made and also different levels as well, this game offers a lot of intense game play and also has a royale pass option to increase ranks.

4. Far Cry 5

10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows Pc
Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5, out of the far cry franchise, this seem to be one of the best from it, and being an open world fps game, this game is a must play for every gamer’s cause it possesses some cool features from an fps game.

If you have played the previous editions of far cry, then you would know exactly what this latest edition will offer, but this one has a more improved graphics, very much realistic and needs an high-end gaming pc to run it.

Far Cry 5 has a lot of characters and also different types of weapons as well, this game is one of the best fps games for mac/windows pc at the moment, you can download and play it on your pc.


10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows Pc

Doom on the other side of fps games is arguably one of the best horror type of fps game you will fall in love with, playing this game on a pc with a very much high specs will give you an ultra hd graphics.

Doom features both single player and multiplayer, but the fun there is when you play single play mode and you get terrified when slaying demons in every corner of the game, this game features wide range of weapons which suits any player who plays it.

If you’re looking for a very intriguing fps game to play, then you should look forward to getting doom on your pc, this game is one of a kind.

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6. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows Pc
Rainbow Six Seige

Rainbow six siege is another top modern fps game to put on consideration when looking for a perfect fps game to play, rainbow six features the modern usa army story, you can only get the best of this game when you play in multiplayer mode.

Rainbow six siege so far is one of the best shooting games you will come across nowadays, its a very intense game which requires good tactical approach from you and your team, you must know how to scout and also avoid enemies while trying to save hostages.

If you need the intense, tension giver type of fps game, then you should now waste time getting this game, its one of the best fps games for mac/windows pc at the moment, so get it downloaded and enjoy playing with friends.

7. Left 4 Dead 2

10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows Pc
Left 4 Dead 2

If you think you’ve played the best zombie games, then you haven’t played left 4 dead 2 which is one of the best zombie shooting type of game that features fps mode in it, its very scary when you get haunted by zombies, its even more scarier here.

Left 4 dead is a good choice for an fps game, feel the hunger from the zombies when trying to chase you, the scary sounds they make can make you quit playing the game at times, but its all part of the fun.

Left 4 dead is one of the best fps games at the moment, and it doesn’t need much to get this game running on your pc, play and enjoy its online features as well.

8. Team Fortress 2

10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows Pc
Team Fortress 2

Team fortress 2 is a cartoon based type of fps game on pc, this game features most of the things we see on fps games we play on mobile, this game is one of the best fps shooter game and its multiplayer game play makes it fun when playing.

Team fortress 2 has different game modes and also has cool maps to play on, you just have to chose and customize your character, find your team and begin wrecking enemies from different angles, every moments counts so you need to play your best skills.

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Team fortress 2 is a good fps game to play on pc, just get your self a good internet and enjoy non stop actions with teammates in multiplayer mode.

9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

10 Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows Pc

Popularly known as CSGO, its a very popular game in the asian region and even till date, you would see many asians talk about this awesome team based fps game, just like other fps games listed above, this also has a lot of intensity when in battle.

It has different game modes which you can play, classic maps have been added and all characters looked very much improved, you just have to get your team ready and prepare to face terrorists who also see’s you as terrorist.

CSGO is one of the best fps games you can play at the moment, download and experience non-stop intensive shooting with your teammates.

10. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Best FPS Games for Mac/Windows PC
PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is another game on the list, well you might be wandering why it got listed cause it doesn’t offer full fps features. Well its a game which offers both third person perspective (TPP) and also first person perspective (FPP) which we can call fps as well.

Team up with friends in pubg fps mode and see the realistic graphics it offers, its a game you would want to play everyday, very addictive and also very intense, get your team together and begin wiping out other players one by one.

It cost much to win a chicken dinner, so you need to be very tactical in your approach. Pubg is also one of the best fps game for pc users and mobile users as well.


These are some of the best and if not the best fps games for mac/windows pc, these games are games that requires an high-end pc to run them perfectly, so choose the one you would love to play and team up with other players via the multiplayer modes, there are other fps games out there too, you can as well leave a name in the comment section and it will be added to the list, or get more from one of the best game source.


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