Best Paypal Alternatives to Send and Receive Money 2019

best paypal alternatives

Looking for the best paypal alternatives to use in sending and receiving payments online? Well here’s an article that’ll give you a clear insight on some of the best alternatives to paypal. So just follow up with the article to know more about these paypal alternatives.

No doubt paypal is the best company that’ll help you manage your online funds in terms of sending money or getting paid. Nowadays people prefer sitting at home and authorizing payments to anyone they want to pay, and its very convenient cause you just have to login with your security details, grab your receivers email address and make swift payment. But has we all know, getting a policy free paypal nowadays is quite difficult most especially to non usa citizens, in my country you can only get a paypal that’ll send out but won’t receive payments.

Situations like that can frustrate and it pushes people into looking for another safe and less scrutiny online payments company to use, if you’re a digital marketer or you run any type of online deals, then you might have found your self in a situation like this, but here’s an article that help you get over the aches as here we list out the best paypal alternatives.

Best Paypal Alternatives to Send and Receive Money 2019

Below are some of the best paypal alternatives, based on search engine statistics nowadays, it shows people search more for these online payments companies and that shows people are already trying to get ease from paypal stress.

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1. Payoneer 

best paypal alternatives

Well payoneer is not a new name to digital marketers, and if you hear a random blogger like us talking about how he/she got paid from google via USD or Pounds, just have it in mind he/she uses payoneer, you got covered with them and i can tell you they’re the best in situations like this, you can use payoneer to receive payments in about 5 different currencies.

Payoneer is available worldwide and it doesn’t restrict people regardless of which country you come from, it also gives you less charges on transactions and you also use it to send money to someone who uses paypal, its so much easier with payoneer cause you can also withdraw directly to your bank account, The only problem you can get with payoneer is if you don’t provide means of identification when creating your account, aside that then there’s nothing to worry about.

2. Skrill

best paypal alternatives

Skrill is another good paypal alternative, founded in 2001 in London, United kingdom. you can easily manage how you get paid or how you make payments with the help of skrill, skrill really makes it easy to send and receive money online and back when it was known as MoneyBookers, it provides good services and still does till date.

Available in all countries, you can get paid using your email address and also make payments to others via email address, its also very much convenient when cashing out from skrill, you can withdraw your your funds to your debit card, credit card or even your bank account. making international payments is quite easy as well and it charges less, with this online payment company, you can have peace of mind and stop worrying about paypal and all its stress.

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 3. Google Wallet 

best paypal alternatives

Google wallet is and owned by google, its a wallet that lets you receive and make payments online, its very convenient and despite being founded by google, it doesn’t give aches like paypal and you can easily make online transactions within few minutes. You can withdraw easily to your bank account or your debits and credit cards, it also has its own dedicated card which can be used on atm machines.

The sad part about google wallet is that it is only for citizens of the united states of america, but if you have anyone over there, you can get them to use their google wallet to help you receive your payments.

4. Payza

best paypal alternatives

For online merchants, you’ll definitely fall in love with payza, i can remember back when i do get paid for answering online surveys, payza was among the payments method i use most times and it makes it really fast when i get paid, very safe and secured payments and less charges.

I can always recommend payza to anyone who seeks for paypal alternative and payza is just another one you should give a try on, with payza you can get your funds directly to your bank account, debit cards or credit cards, you can as well buy bitcoins from your payza account, thanks to the payza – bitcoin integration, it does come in handy. Payza does really work efficiently and its is very secured to use, you can be rest assured of safety from them.

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5. Stripe

best paypal alternatives

Perhaps stripe is not a popular figure yet, but doesn’t mean it can’t stand alongside some of the best paypal alternatives out there, you can use stripe to get paid internationally and your transactions are carried out via a secured protocol, you can make payments via stripe and it doesn’t take charges much.

Stripe is not known much in all countries but its available in some countries and every of its users have nothing much to say than to give a positive review about it, you can use it as your perfect alternative to paypal and your online transactions can be done easily with ease.


These are the best paypal alternatives which you can use to get paid or make payments online, if you’re lucky enough you can get a paypal account that won’t give you stress but rather than getting stressed, you can easily use one of these alternatives and save your self from getting stressed over getting paid or making payments, if you like these article, don’t forget to share to others and also know that your comments are welcomed as well.


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