Best PPD Sites 2019 (Latest Pay Per Download Websites)

best ppd sites

Money is mandatory in most cases, and nowadays people like to go extra miles to make extra cash, so therefore i’ll be stating down some of the Best PPD Sites in 2019, and when i say the best, i mean the best pay per download sites that gives you extra cash, so follow the article to know more about it.

Everything that needs to be known about PPD sites and how they work will be well explained in this article, and am quite sure even most digital marketers don’t know what ppd means and its quite unfortunate when you take so much data to provide downloadable contents for people and you don’t get single penny from it, but this article will really give you insights on how to make extra cash from your downloadable contents.

Best PPD Sites 2019 (Latest Pay Per Download Websites)

Before going into full details, i’ll like to give a short definition of ppd sites and how they work, then i’ll proceed to stating these ppd sites and also give few words about them and how you can earn from them by providing downloadable contents.

What is Pay Per Download?

PPD networks stands as an intermediate channel where you can host files and place them free for visitors, rather than uploading these digital files or products to your site or other file hosting site, these sites lets you get paid when you upload your files, and the only way you can get paid is when people click on your download links which will take them to another site first before they download your contents.

Honestly its a very easy job to do, and it can boost your income if you’re a digital marketer with much visitors, and getting thousands of traffic daily and monthly can really give you more cash. The PPD sites will be listed below, so check them out, these sites pays well and even when your uploaded contents gets more click, your earnings will increase more.

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Best PPD Sites 2019

These sites are of two types, one comes with survey and the other doesn’t use survey, but overall rating still makes them the best cause they pay for real.


best ppd sites 2019

Indishare is one of the best way to make money from uploading contents, and if you deal with movies or music, then you should try using indishare cause its the best PPD site for contents like that, it also provide a good download speed when you download contents through them.

Not all PPD sites does allow sharing of media contents, most especially videos cause people like to avoid copyrights, so therefore indishare is the best for your contents, one thing i love about this site is that, once you get 1000 downloads, you will earn like $10, which means you must be receiving high traffic on a daily basis, indishare pays via Paypal, Bank Transfer, Payza, Neteller, bKash once you reach the minimum payout of $5.

All you need to do is register on the site, confirm your registration and upload your files, you can share your links to social media sites and also add them to your website.

2. Adscend Media

best ppd sites 2019

Adscend media is a very good option if you’re targeting sources for making extra cash, basically they have good payout system and their leads to advertisers is just so amazing, adscend media deals with content locking and its completely different from indiashare which i just finished listing above, you will love partnering with adscend media company in many ways, their goals is for you to be rich through them.

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Adscend offers a good deal in affiliate and once you have a minimum of $50 earned in your account, you can easily request for payout into your paypal account, or via check and wire transfer, adscend media is so good and they don’t approve anyhow sites, once you’re qualified, your chances of getting affiliate with them is very high.

3. File Ice

best ppd sites 2019

If you’re looking for a high paying ppd site that deals with surveys, then you should look towards File Ice, a great site with a lot of visions to help other digital marketers make money through them, you really need much experience if you want to partner with the owners of this ppd site, they will test your knowledge about what you know about ppd sites, if you’ve worked with them and also how you can generate traffic to contents you’re sharing under them.

To get the best of fileice, your traffic has to be from usa, and their EPC ranges from $0.20 and above and they give a great profit of $1 per downloads, this makes them one of the best ppd sites you should look forward to joining in this year.

4. Share Cash

best ppd sites 2019

Share cash is another great option to earn extra cash from uploading of contents, and its one of the best rated ppd sites you will come across, of course its the survey based type of ppd site, it will only take just few seconds of your visitors time, they’ll answer some surveys and you get paid for it, and they also offer monetizing of blogs and website, i.e you can place their ads and earn more cash when people click on it.

Every ppd sites has its best offers that will suite different niches, share cash offers a great deal to most digital marketers who deal promoting gaming contents, video sites and even publishing of eboks, you can earn an average of $1 per downloads and it might even increase further depending on your traffic location.

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5. Upload Ocean

best ppd sites 2019

Upload ocean is getting popular on a daily basis, even if i want to download files from other websites, i do always have to go through upload ocean before i could get my files, well this site offers a good deal if your websites deals with the promotion of large files like videos, games and software’s, you can earn more with this ppd site, its actually one of the best ppd site you will come across.

However, your files must have downloads once you upload them, they don’t keep room for inactivity and inactive files which lacks views and clicks will be deleted within 30 days max, they good payment rate and you can get your earnings out when you reach $10 which is the minimum threshold.

6. Daily Uploads

best ppd sites 2019

Daily uploads is also a good choice ppd site to make money nowadays, this site has good rate actually but doesn’t pay per clicks, it pays per 1000 downloads on a single file, so therefore you must be getting high visitors to visit your site before you can apply on this site, its best suitable for those who uploads apk game files and apps, you can also use them if you upload large files like movies and software’s too.

Its a survey free ppd site, pays well and you can request for payout at anytime, this is one of the best ppd site you should consider in 2019, with this site you can have more money to your pocket.


These are the best ppd sites you should look forward to this year, don’t just waste time uploading contents online and not earning a single penny from them, so read these article and grab more insights, and also don’t forget to share with friends. This might be helpful to others as well.


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