8 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 2019

Looking for the best rainmeter skins to customize your windows pc or computer to a different display? Todays article will cover some of the best rainmeter skins for windows in 2019 and if you use windows os then you might have heard about rainmeter software which lets you customize your windows os and gives it a different beauty.

No doubt windows holds the record for the most used operating system and arguably the best operating system ever, well everyone can speak good about windows os because  its very reliable, customizable and it gives room for different types of softwares, back from the days of windows xp, if you want to make your pc or computer os to look just like windows vista or windows 7 without upgrading, you can easily get a software which will help you get that customization you want.

There are different softwares which you can use to customize your windows and rainmeter is one of them, its actually the best at the moment and you can use it to customize any windows version ranging from windows XP to windows 10.

What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a powerful desktop customization tool which you can use to customize your windows the way you want it to be, this tool works perfectly and doesn’t take much of your hardware memory, you can use it on any windows version from windows xp to windows 10.

To make use of the rainmeter skins, you need to download and install the rainmeter software on your computer, the download link will be provided below. Rainmeter will let you use skins and also create your skin, but there are tons of skins out there to use, so I’ve decided to pick out the best you can use, so download the rainmeter software first.

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   Visit Rainmeter

8 Best Rainmeter Skins For Windows 2019

The skins will be listed below, you can check them all out and pick one which draws your attentions, the best where picked out actually, and using them will give your windows OS a different look.

1. Jarvis

best rainmeter skin for windows

Jarvis is a top notch rainmeter skin for windows and its a skin designed just like tony starks marvel virtual assistant, this skin will give your windows os a completely different look and if you watch the iron man closely, you will see the virtual assistant screen which looks exactly like the image shown below. Jarvis skin comes with some cool widgets like Rss feed, clock and cpu usage. just a single tap on the download button, install and set up the skin and see the difference.

   Download Jarvis

2. Avengers Shield

best rainmeter skins for windows

Avengers shield in the fictional world is where marvels superheroes are coordinated to work together, and using avengers skin for rainmeter on your windows os, you will be able to set up things differently, making different types of shortcuts to help you get fast access to the likes of browsers, media players and you can also shut down your computer easily by making the sure the shutdown icon is some close on your screen. You will keep the avengers shield skin the moment you install it, its very col skin to use.

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   Download AS Skin

3. Tech-A

best rainmeter skins

Tech-A is a skin with simplicity, its actually a simple skin but does more than being simple, using this skin for rainmeter, you will get a different design on your windows os, you can optmize your task with tech-A skin and make your computer look very superb, just download the skin and set it up with rainmeter software.

   Download T-A

4. Speed

best rainmeter skins for windows

Speed is another awesome skin that brings transparency to your windows os, with different designs on it own, you will get the best possible look for your windows os, it has some cool wallpapers which you can use, you can tweak it from the default mode to the one you prefer, speed is very fast, it has good animations and it also has shortcut icons which you can use as well, so download and install speed skin for rainmeter.

   Download Speed

5. Razor

best rainmeter skins for windows

Perhaps you feel like setting up a beautiful look for your windows, well razor is one of the best in this position to help on that, though you can’t get shortcut icons on this skin, but it provides good widgets like rss feeds, cpu usage, weather and calendar and some aren’t listed though but this skin is very simple and comes with transparency as well, you can go ahead and download this skin below via the download button.

   Download Razor

6. ABP

best rainmeter skins for windows

Abp is an awesome rectangular based skin which makes all modules look rectangular in shape, it has a very good look actually and the wallpapers are very cool as well, you can us the easy access tray, setup some of the coolest widgets on it, you can add network speed widget, Cpu usage, weather forecast and many more. You can download this skin via the download link provided below.

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   Download ABP

7. Wisp

best rainmeter skins

Wisp is another smooth skin with unique appearance, you can set up all modules on it but boundaries are something you won’t find alongside it, despite the lack of boundaries, you’ll still like this skin because its modules looks great and the skin is very stylish as well. You can setup all modules like cpu usage, network bandwidth and many more, you can download this skin via the download button shown below.

   Download Wisp

8. Neon Space

best rainmeter skins for windows

Neon space comes last on the list, actually being last doesn’t mean its bad, neon space is an awesome skin on its own and it looks great after setting it up, setting this skin up will give your desktop a spaceship type look, you can set up widgets like the weather forecast, cpu and ram usage and other cool stuffs with it, you can download neon space via the download button shown below.

   Download NSPACE


These are the best rainmeter skins which you can use for your windows operating system, although there are thousands of skins for rainmeter, but the ones listed here are the ones people are searching for, you can use them without doing any tweaks or you can also make tweaks your self.


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