6 Best Torrent Websites to Download Games for Free

Torrent Websites

Looking for some of the best torrent websites to download games for free? probably yes and never mind, we got the perfect article for you, but maybe you might want to have a look at some of the speedy torrent sites out there, or the best torrent search engines to easily get what you want or you are having hard time accessing a torrent website from your mobile device, then check out some of the best vpns for torrenting on android and ios.

Torrent websites are the only place on the web where we can actually get everything for free, although checking the wrong torrent site and we might find ourselves downloading a fake file or corrupted ones. And we all know downloading games for free is one of the most difficult tasks when surfing the net, and its difficult because most games are not free and even when you try to purchase a game, after paying such huge amount for a game, you will still waste another huge amount of data to download it. That’s double expense already.

But there are torrent websites where you can download pc games, play station games, wii games, xbox and android games all for free, and the only thing you will waste will be your data, but it worth’s it cause you got it free, so check out the best torrent sites to get games for free.

6 Best Torrent Websites to Download Games for Free

We have listed the best torrent websites where you can get games at the moment, be it old or new games, repacked or remastered, you will find them there and will be able to download easily via your preferred torrent downloader.

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1. IsoHunts

Torrent Websites to Download Games

Isohunts already known by many, and perhaps anyone who visits this torrent website is there to download movies or tv shows, yeah they offer that on it too, but when it comes to getting games, most especially pc games, you will come across many pc games on this torrent website, and you can easily download them without any stress or whatsoever.

Isohunts also lets you download other torrent related files like softwares, musics, books and many more, if you need a torrent website to download games from for free, then you should look ahead and get your self surfing around this website cause they have a lot of games in their games category.

2. The Pirate Bay

Torrent Websites to Download Games

Currently one of the oldest and finest torrent website to visit at the moment, the pirate bay as we all know is one of the best torrent websites out there, but this particular torrent website has a simplicity which makes it different from other torrent websites you might know of. In here you can download any type of games you want all for free, this torrent site always get updated with the latest games for pc users.

Its a torrent website with huge database of files, aside games, there’s nothing else you want that you won’t see on this website, they have the latest movies and tv shows, music’s and software’s, ebooks and other torrent files. Its a good place to download games for free.

3. TorrentDownloads.me

Torrent Websites to Download Games

Torrentdownloads is another great place to visit on the web when it comes to downloading torrent files, this particular torrent website has different categories for game and so far its one of the few places where you will get mobile phone games, game roms, xbox games and even kid games, this website is very much easy to navigate through and its design does not look old fashioned like other torrent websites.

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You can download any type of games you want from this torrent website and they also offer movies, tv shows, music’s and other files too, its a good website to visit when you need games on your pc, xbox or even play stations.

4. TorrentHounds

Torrent Websites to Download Games

Nothing beats a torrent website with simple interface, easy navigation and large availability of quality torrent files to download for free, torrenthounds should definitely take that praise cause it surely deserves it, this torrent website is no different from the ones i have listed and the one’s i will list later, but it has its own features that just makes it a good torrent website, and if you need games to download for free, then you can surely look to visiting this exact torrent website for it.

Everyday it gets updated with unique files which you can download and should not worry about downloading virus from them, they offer good torrent files, quality movies and tv shows as well and also other torrent related files can be found here as well.

5. 1337X

Torrent Websites to Download Games

My favourite torrent website at the moment, and one of the leading torrent website behind the likes of the pirate bay and co, this torrent website is best known for its availability of quality movies and tv shows, and yes its the best torrent website to get movies at the moment, but how about games and other torrent files? 1337X also makes game available to download for free, and you can get almost any type of game you want to download.

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This torrent website is a good place to visit when you need games for your pc or other gaming device you have, you can also get movies and tv shows from them for free, the design is great too and it easily attracts visitors with its beautiful interface.


Torrent Websites to Download Games

RARBG is one of the best popular torrent website at the moment and there is no doubt about that, even when you search torrent sites to get movies and games on google, it will come out among others, this should give you the impression of the quality this torrent website has to offer you as a visitor, if you need games then you can always visit RARBG to get them, its one of the best torrent sites to get games for free nowadays.

Not only games though, you can also download movies, music’s, tv shows and software’s from them, the website is very much user friendly and you can easily navigate through it when you want to download from them.


So that is all about the best torrent websites to download games for free, these websites are the only place where games are getting updated on a daily basis, you can also download other files like movies, tv shows, software’s and music’s from them, but you have to be accessing them via a secured ip address, i.e you must be connected to a vpn cause your internet service provider might track you if you access torrent websites with your normal ip address.


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