8 Best UC Browser Alternatives (Best Web Browser’s for Android)

best uc browser alternative for android

Best UC Browser alternatives are browsers which offers same features as uc browser, these browsers are available to be downloaded on both android and ios devices, so if you are looking to give a space for uc browser and maybe you don’t have any browser in mind, here is an article that’ll give you an insight on some the best alternative browsers like the popular uc browser, just read through the words on this page and i can guarantee you would pick one browser or two from the listed browsers which will be listed below.

Uc browser came out to be one the best web browser across mobile users and pc users, after being announced years back, it has caught the attention of everyone and if you ask anyone out there about uc browser, they’ll tell it has some of the best features you will find in a web browser, with uc browser you can be rest assured you wont be disturbed with annoying ads, no pop-ups, it downloads fast and it consume less data.

There was an outbreak of data leak in uc browser database which has gotten everyone going out for an alternative as they feel there’s no much safety on uc browser, well there are other browsers which will protect your internet activities just like uc, these browsers are listed below, so feel free to check them out.

8 Best Uc Browser Alternative (Best Web Browser’s For Android)

Reading below are the list of browsers which matches uc browser in terms of feature and safety, you can read about them and see which one suits you better.

1. FireFox Focus

Firefox Focus: The privacy browser
Firefox Focus: The privacy browser

When i think of a browser which offers safety when being used, all i could think of is firefox focus, developed by mozilla, you can be rest assured to browse like you own the net, using this browser you can never come across any form of online trackers, once you finish browsing on it, it clears all your activities the moment you close the browser from running and that gives you more safety than ever.

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Firefox focus is the browser you can always count on, its very light and offers very stable speed when loading web pages, no ads and it compresses pages to help you reduce high data consumption rate.

Firefox Focus Features

  • Surf the internet as much as you want without making any form of settings
  • Doesn’t leave any form of traces after it has being used i.e your info’s are cleared upon closing of the app
  • Block ads ad trackers and saves you from data consumption

2. Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser
Puffin Web Browser
Developer: CloudMosa, Inc.
Price: Free

You can as well make puffin browser your favorite browser, its actually one the best browsers out there and using this browser, you wont give uc browser much missing, puffin browser is a cloud based web browser and that has made it the fastest browser at the moment, available on android and ios, stil offers the same speed and amazing browsing experience to its users.

Puffin browser will give you cloud protection, help you save bandwidth and also loads any website within seconds, you can use it as the perfect alternative to uc browser.

Puffin Web Browser Features

  • Offers fast page load and good rendering speed
  • Supports adobe flash player and also works 4.4 and above android devices
  • Nice desktop and mobile view experience
  • Nice design for toolbar and sidebar

3. Via Browser

Via browser is another browser on the list, if you need speed, and safety then you should give this browser a trial, checking the reviews and fans wants, this browser fits the uc browser alternative and its something you will find joy in when surfing the internet with it, you can check out some of its features below.

Via Browser Features

  • Unlike other browsers that disturbs users with push notification, via browser wont give you those
  • Via browser uses lesser memory on android devices, which makes your android device new
  • You can easily customize via browser your self, its very smooth
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4 Apus Browser

Apus browser is another browser on the list, a very light browser which offers speed and stability, safety is assured as well, its private browser gives you maximum protection against trackers. Apus is one of the best web browsers you will find on android phones and tablets, its download speed is just as that of uc browser, which makes it another good alternative to uc browser.

Apus Browser Features

  • Apus browser offers faster browsing speed and you don’t have to be waiting any longer
  • Its download is smart and downloads with an extraordinary speed
  • It offers url safety checking i.e any sites you opened will be crosschecked to know if its safe to open
  • You can easily move through different tabs at the same time
  • No browsing history, cookies are stored after using incognito mode

5. Opera Browser

Opera with free VPN
Opera with free VPN
Developer: Opera
Price: Free

Opera browser is another awesome alternative to uc browser and if you’re looking for a browser with a good looking interface, then you should go for opera browser, this browser offer lots of feature for its users and the best of all is that it has its own dedicated vpn, it saves data, blocks of annoying ads and doesn’t give room for trackers, you’ll definitely fall in love with opera browser.

Opera Browser Features

  • Blocking ads is very fast with opera browser, its integrated ad blocker will help you load pages faster and help reduce your data consumption rate.
  • When running on low networks, you can easily switch to data saver mode, which will help you load your contents despite not having a fast network.
  • Opera browser has a strong private mode which allows you to surf any sites without being traced.

6. Armorfly Browser

Armorfly Browser & Downloader
Armorfly Browser & Downloader

Armorfly is another alternative to uc browser, if you’re looking for a secured browser which will give you maximum privacy and add intense security to your browsing activities, then you should go for this awesome browser, it makes downloading of videos easier as well, and it clears all browsing data once the app gets closed, you’ll enjoy more safety using this browser.

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Armorfly Browser Features

  • Any downloadable videos can be easily detected when surfing with armorfly browser, this makes videos more easy to download
  • Ad block on armorfly is easy too, any annoying ads will be blocked and your data will be saved as well
  • This browser has its own private vault which will allow you to hide photos and videos easily and it offers 100% safety
  • When trying to access a site, if it looks malicious, you would be notified before getting access to it.

7. Firefox Browser fast & private

Firefox Browser fast & private
Firefox Browser fast & private
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free

Mozilla firefox browser is another browser on the list and it offers good browsing experience and also gives maximum security when in private mode, firefox is one the oldest browsers in the game of browsing the internet and it has being recognized for its relentless efforts in providing its users the best features you’ll get in a browser.

Firefox Browser Features

  • Firefox has a well built interface which can be navigated through easily
  • It has a lot extensions which you can use to add more security to your browsing experience
  • You can also sync firefox with your devices, i.e you wont lose any important urls or saved passwords and usernames

8. CM Browser

Last on our list is the not too known cm browser which is another awesome uc browser alternative, not too common among internet users though, but if you’re looking for a browser with lightweight, then you should go for cm browser, it offers lots of speed an you can easily download videos with it, it has adblocker which will keep of ads and also keeps off trackers set by sites you surf.

Cm Browser Features

  • You can download videos smartly, no need to stress cause this browsers easily detects browsers and pend them on list
  • You are protected with its in built antivirus
  • Adblocker will block off ads which pop up when surfing sites

These are the best uc browser alternatives out there, although you can still find similar apps out there but these are the best to use and they offers that has being written about them, so download the one you like and begin surfing.


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