5 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online 2019

best watchcartoononline alternatives

WatchCartoonOnline is one of the best cartoon streaming site out there, with large numbers of quality cartoons, both old and latest all provided by them, just believe me when i tell you there’s nothing to lack and you definitely can’t miss out on some of the legendary cartoons in the past and the new ones as well. Today i’ll be writing about some of the best watchcartoononline alternatives to watch cartoons online, these sites are also top notch and they provide quality cartoons for their visitors, so if you want to try out other sites like watchcartoononline, then you should take your time to read this article.

Lets go back to the days where cartoons where our favorites, although now it feels like we are grownups and cartoon should be one of the things we should put our attentions too, well that’s not something healthy though because in as much as cartoons looked to be before kids, it is as well meant for adults cause the likes of tom & jerry are comedy’s, penguins of Madagascar and so much more.

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Nowadays even adults still watch cartoons online, and watchcartoononline is one of the sites out there to check out the latest cartoons to watch, but there are other sites like watchcartoononline, so check them out as i’ll be listing them below, you will find the best cartoons which you need.

Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online

Below are the best alternatives to watchcartoononline, they also provide quality cartoons for people to watch, so check these sites out.

 1. Much

best watchcartoononline alternative

From its name, you can always have the feeling this site provides much cartoons for people to stream, well i can always come here to pass time at night, and there’s nothing bad if you come here as well, you’ll get any cartoons you want from this site, you can stream cartoons with superb video quality and these videos are well uploaded and you can’t face lagging except if your internet connection is poor from your side.

You can always check up on much for online cartoons and its one of the best alternatives to watchcartoononline in 2019, you can get the latest cartoons like American dad and many more.

2. South Park Studios

best watchcartoononline alternatives

South park studios is another good site where cartoons are stacked up for people to come and watch, they provide free animated movies which are highly rated and probably some of the blockbusters out there, i personally love this sites because of their friendly user experience and their video qualities are mouth watering at times, since 2015 south park studios has been giving people the best cartoons out there and they seem to be a very good watchcartoononline alternative.

You can get complete cartoon episodes from this site and you don’t need to pay, just visit and watch your favorite cartoons here, but you’ll need to have an account here before you can stream cartoons.

3. Adult Swim

best watchcartoononline alternative

Adult swim on the other hand is another brilliant cartoon streaming website and a good watchcartoononline alternative to stream cartoons online, this website provides the latest and most viewed and searched cartoons, it monitors the movie rating in order to get the best for it visitors, you can get any cartoons you want here and the videos are provided in high definition, just make sure you have strong internet connection and you’re good to go.

You can get singles from this sites, you can get seasonal cartoons as well but its quite disappointing cause adult swim doesn’t offer full seasonal cartoons, but the ones you’ll get are placed for free so you don’t need to spend.

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4. ToonJet

best watchcartoononline alternatives

Toonjet is one of the websites i could always look up to when looking for old cartoons, not that they provide old cartoons only, but they have some of the epic cartoons ever and these cartoons are actually from the old times when we where kids, you can get the likes of tom and jerry, silver hawk, pinky and the brain and so much more from them, toonjet is a well designed website which offers people the chance to stream cartoons from them and I can say its a good watchcartoononline alternative.

Well just like other sites but with a slight difference in terms of user experience, you can watch cartoons from toonjet even when you don’t have an account with them, but you will still get a notice telling you to sign up if you want some of the latest updates, you can read what other have said about a cartoon you want to watch i.e there’s a comment section to drop your review or to read what others have said, Toonjet is a good watchcartoononline alternative, you might want to give them a try.

5. Disney Junior

best watchcartoononline alternatives

The last on the list is a well known cartoon providers, and if you watch cartoons from satellite cables, then you will be very much familiar with disney junior, well if you want the latest cartoons to stream for time pass out, then you can always check on them cause they offer both the latest and hottest cartoons out there, once you visit the website you will see the latest cartoons, the most viewed and the ones that have been the hot topic for a while.

Just select on one and you will be taken to another page where you will watch these cartoons for free, you can get any cartoons you want here, well be prepared cause most cartoons here are dominated by kiddies cartoons but you might find one you will like. Disney junior is a good alternative to watchcartoononline, so you can always come to them and stream any cartoon you want.

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With these sites am definitely sure you can’t get bored when looking for cartoons to stream online and with these best watchcartoononline alternatives you will get any cartoon of your choice, it feels good when reminiscing the days of avatar: the last air bender, naruto, tom and jerry and so much more, well these websites can bring back the memories for you, so check them out for free.


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