5 Best Websites to Learn Photoshop for Free

Learn Photoshop

There’s no doubt about the difficulties we face when trying to use adobe photoshop, most times this get difficult when we decide to practice solo, we get to some parts that’ll get us confused and get tired of trying again. So today as usual, I’ve decided to list out the best websites to learn photoshop for free, so follow up with this article to know more about this.

Photo editing has been trending for years and not just because it adds more beauty to our pictures, there’s so many things we can carryout with editing, although our nowadays youths think photo editing is all about adding effects to pictures and uploading to social medias in order to get likes and comments, lol that’s not how it works though, there’re so many things that can be done with editing, either build from scratch or complete an unfinished picture.

Lets talk about building from scratch, it’s more like coming up with an idea of how you want the picture to look like, then you think of the photo editing tool you can use to carryout this. Adobe Photoshop comes to your mind, yes it will because it’s the best editing or designing tool, but of course, you got no idea on how to use it, because it’s difficult. Nevertheless, keep calm cause this article will give you an insight of how and where to learn photoshop for free.

Best Websites to Learn Photoshop for Free

Learning Photoshop will be easy once you’d know the best place to learn it. So here, you’d get to know the best sites from which you can easily learn how to use photoshop for free of charge.

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1. Lynda


You might want to get started from here because when we talk about websites that gives free video tutorials on creativity, software development and so much more, lynda is well recommended, lynda will offer you over 500 quality tutorials to learn photoshop, its a cool website so no time wasting on it.

2. Tuts Plus

Tuts Plus

Speaking of quality tutorials about photoshop, well I’ll tell you that tuts plus is well recommended for you, this website offers about 3k video tutorials that’s only based on teaching people how to use photoshop.

3. Photoshop Tutorials From Adobe

Photoshop Tutorials

Tutorials from the developer is the best because, they created it and they understand all component from a-z, so if you’re an amateur who wants to learn Photoshop directly from adobe then you can use the above blink, but know this, they only respond to those who paid for their product. Best recommended.

4. Photoshop Cafe

Photoshop Cafe

Just like the other sites listed above, there’s no difference to what they offer in terms of learning photoshop, but learning photoshop directly fromphotoshop cafe is quite easy because they offer short straightforward tutorials which will boost your knowledge when learning photoshop, its a good place to learn photoshop so give it a tryout.

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5. Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics

Spoon graphics also offer quality tutorials for those who want to learn adobe photoshop,  though they don’t have much tutorial videos but the one’s you’ll get from them will give you proper insight’s on how photoshop works, there’s much convenience when learning from here.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, I’ve helped you to know the best hot free websites to learn photoshop for absolutely free of charge. There’s no need for you to panick, as these websites are perfect, and they’ll help you to know all you need about Adobe photoshop and how it’s been used for photo designing and also editing. If this article is helpful to you, then don’t forget to share to others, as it might be of great benefit to them.


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