Best Websites to Watch and Download Chinese Movies 2019

Watching and downloading Chinese movies online was a difficult task back then, and who knows China movie production has some of the most epic Asian movies one could ever come across, this brings back the memory of Jumong, a man called God and other famous Chinese films we use to watch then. But now things are little bit different cause our cable dish don’t get to show Chinese movies and a good quality Chinese movie discs are hard to come buy, so therefore we’ve found some very good sites to watch and download Chinese movies for free.

Best Websites to Watch and Download Chinese Movies 2019

These sites are much very active and are updated with the latest Chinese movies, so check them out and get your favourite Chinese movies, tv series and also soap operas.

1. XiaZai001

best site to watch and download chinese movies

Well XiaZai001 is a pretty good place to find chinese movies any time and any day, this site holds the title of one of the best and biggest sites to get chinese movies and these movies comes in good quality like blu-ray and other top quality video type, prior to visiting this website, its not displayed in english, so you need to use chrome browser for automatic translation.

Well you’ll need to have an account on this site before you can download any content from it, and there’s a good part about this website, aside downloading of chinese movies, you can as well get hollywood movies, softwares, american tv shows, bollywood movies, musics and other cool stuff, you should bookmark this site and make it one of your best sites to get chinese movies.

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2. Youku

best websites to watch and download chinese movies

Youku is quite famous actually, and if you’re looking for a website to get chinese movies of any type, then this is the best place, youku is very wide and its often regarded as the best website to watch and download chinese movies, this website provides not just chinese movies alone, you can always find hollywood movies and other asian movies too.

This website is well known and it even has its own app which you can use to get the latest movie updates and also watch movies via the app, youku has a wide range of chinese movies, chinese tv series, animes and also some cool documentaries. You don’t need to pay any money on this site cause it offers every of its contents for free.

3. iQiyi

best sites to watch and download chinese movies

iQiyi is another top rated website where you can get any chinese movie you want, this site has a wide range of movies to check up on, you can visit the web version of the site and you can also make use of its official app, this site is a geo restricted website so before accessing you might want to connect to an asian location for better accessibility on the site.

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iQiyi features different type of movies, and they all come free for visitors to watch, this site has an interface filled with a lot of simplicity, you can easily understand how to get what you want, if you’re looking for a site to watch or download chinese movies, then you should consider this as one of the best websites that offers top quality chinese movies.

4. V.qq

best sites to watch and download chinese movies

V.qq now owned by tencent and also known as Tencent Video is a good place to visit if you need chinese movies, its one of the few websites out there where you can get quality chinese movies of any categories, this site offers quite interesting movies which are chinese productions alone, you can get chinese action movies, chinese music videos, chinese documentaries and other interesting stuffs, this site has a good interface and can be accessed easily.

V.qq can be your source for original made chinese movies, its one of of the best websites out there to get chinese movies from, its completely free and you can get some of their movies in high definition.

5. KanKan

best websites to watch and download chinese movies

KanKan is probably one of the websites you wouldn’t want to miss out on, this website provides wide range of both Chinese, European and American movies all to be streamed online for free, everything about this website is just lovely, all you need to do is to create an account for membership, then you can go ahead and stream any movie you want, after watching a movie, you can always leave a comment or even read peoples opinion on a movie before you watch it.

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This website is a good choice to watch chinese movies, you can always get the latest chinese movies and even non chinese movies are well updated here on a daily basis, so if you are looking for a good website to stream chinese movies at the highest quality, then you should find your way around kankan cause its one of of the best and most recommended site to get chinese movies streamed.


Now the article gets rounded up, of course you might be wondering how could it be only five websites, well after making a whole background research, these are the best websites out there, there are other sites too where you can get chinese movies, but most are dubbed, short, and lacks latest movies in their database, so therefore to give you our visitors the best and save you from stress, we have provided the best websites to watch and download Chinese movies, so check them out and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have one.


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