Top 5 Best Xbox One Emulator for Windows PC (Play Xbox Games on PC) 2019

Best Xbox One Emulator

Playing games is fun honestly, but getting the best games from the best gaming consoles is more fun, but at times we can’t always afford console games and an example is xbox one, if you want to play xbox one games and you don’t have or can’t afford buying a new xbox one console. Then you don’t need to worry much cause today’s article will give you an insight on some of the best xbox one emulators which you can use to play xbox games on your windows pc, these emulators where perfectly researched on and they work smoothly, you just need to have the right system requirements and everything will work fine.

Realistically speaking its very much obvious about the dominance of emulators nowadays and even android and ios do have emulators which will allow you to run android and ios apps on your windows pc, and same falls to xbox one, xbox one is one of the top leading gaming consoles out there and when you visit xbox store, you will see nice compilation of games which will put you on amusement and give you that feeling of oh!! i need to play these games, and then you remember you don’t have an xbox one, that feeling should be killed of once you read this article.

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Advantages of Using Xbox One Emulator for Windows PC

Everything has it’s own good, and bad, but the case is quite different with xbox one emulator, it has a lot of advantages and i’ll be listing out some of the reasons why you should give xbox one emulator a try.

  • Totally Free – Using an xbox one emulator wouldn’t cost you a penny and so is getting games for it, you can use xbox one emulator for free.
  • No Lagging – You might not face lagging when playing xbox one games via the emulator and as we all know the quality in xbox games, so you definitely need a pc with high specs to enjoy xbox one games for free without lagging.
  • Good Sounds – These emulators support sounds i.e when you’re playing games on them, you will enjoy the audio sounds as well and it will sound based on your audio configurations.

Best Xbox One Emulator for Windows PC

Below are the top emulators you should use if you want to play xbox games on your pc, these emulators are well tested and they do give the xbox one experience when using them to play games.

1. CXBX Emulator

Best Xbox One Emulator

Cxbx emulator is actually one of the best and one of the most recommended xbox one emulators to play xbox one games, i personally prefer to use this emulator because it gives a smooth experience, and seeing my friend use it in front of me, i can’t help but to download one for my self, you can use it on any windows version you want, but i’ll recommend windows 7 upwards for a start, you can install games on this emulator smoothly. If you really want to play xbox games, then give this a shot.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7+ x64. 32-bit installations are not supported.
  • GPU: Anything that supports Direct3D 9 (HLE) and OpenGL 3.3 (LLE).
  • A high-end pc is needed, cause this emulator takes a lot of resources and might lag if your pc is not high enough.


2. Xeon Emulator

Best Xbox One Emulator

Looking for an emulator with a lot of simplicity, then you should find your self going for xeon emulator because its one of the best xbox one emulators i can recommend to play xbox one games in 2019, the fascinating part about this emulator is that, it supports lots of games and you can even play both xbox 360 and xbox one games on it, you don’t really need to chase a high spec pc before you can use this emulator, all you need is high ram and a good graphics, your game progress can easily be saved on it as well, its a very good emulator to play xbox one or xbox 360 games.

Xeon Emulator Features

  • You can use both external mouse and keyboard with it, its fully supported
  • You can play both high end and low end games on it
  • Lagging is limited and depends on your pc specs
  • The audio sound has a lot of quality which makes gaming experience go smoothly


3. DXBX Emulator

Best Xbox One Emulator

Dxbx is another simple but working fine emulator to play xbox one games on your pc, this emulator is actually one of the best out there, although it has its own edge over others and it also has its own flaws but overall performance from this emulator so perfect and you can play any type of xbox one games you want. Playing games on dxbx emulator is even more easier cause it will covert the xbox one game file into a .exe file and that will allow you to play games on your pc in a faster method, this emulator is on advisable to use on 32-bit system type, experience xbox one games on a different level with this emulator.

Dxbx Features

  • It has its own dedicated direct3d8 which controls the graphics in which the emulator uses in playing xbox one games
  •  It automatically sets xbox one kernels and api
  • Gives good sound quality
  • Works only on 32-bit system versions and works for windows 7 os upwards.


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4. Xenia Emulator

Best Xbox One Emulator

Xenia emulator is another xbox one emulator that works perfectly and you can use it to run any xbox one games you want, this emulator doesn’t give restrictions based on which os or system version it can run on, you can use it on any windows version but this emulator does have a flaw when it comes to playing heavy games and this doesn’t happen because of pc specs, its a general bug which is still undergoing fixation process. Overall performance on this emulator is good cause it supports about 100 games on its own and you can play both xbox one and xbox 360 games on it.

Xenia Features

  • Works on all windows and system version
  • Supports over 100 games for both xbox 360 and xbox one
  • Bug fixes and other added support option


5. EX360E Emulator

Best Xbox One Emulator

Its hard to say you don’t find these emulators pleasing, well this one is the last one on the list and it works perfectly just like the ones listed above, EX360E is a very good emulator which makes running xbox one games on pc very easy by automatically turning the game files into .exe files, and that makes things a whole lot more easier, its one of the emulators which less features, but what it does are just extraordinary, the emulator is mostly recommended for low specs pc and low end xbox one games as well.


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These are the best xbox one emulators to play xbox one games on windows pc, these emulators work perfectly and they also have their flaws and what makes them so perfect, so get the one you want and begin to play xbox one games on your pc, most of these emulators works perfectly on windows 7/8/8.1/10 and 32-bit, 64-bit respectively.


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