CLEO Gold APK (No Root) Download Free for Android

CLEO Gold APK No Root

CLEO Gold is an application that will allow you to use mods and tricks of GTA for Android devices. The CLEO Gold APK can work for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. If you’d got a non-rooted device and want it to work for you, then you’d have to download a Mod version of any GTA Android game. But the CLEO Gold APK No Root only works for GTA 3, GTA VC, and GTA SA.

With the CLEO Gold APK, we can put more weapons, create vehicles, equip the jetpack, and so on. We can do almost anything we want on GTA games. CLEO Gold is a very interesting application for any GTA player, because thanks to it you can get more out of your game. On the contrary, it is also possible to lose some fun if we start using tricks without stopping.


CLEO Gold APK No Root

CLEO gold is a bundle of CLEO III, CLEO VC and CLEO SA in a single application, which has the collection of writing extended to SA. CLEO Gold improves the script engine of game with the ability to load custom scripts which would make the game more enjoyable. Use cheats, spawn cars and make use of a lot of other useful features! Here, we’ll give you the download link to CLEO Gold No Root APK which would work more for non-rooted Android smartphones.

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CLEO Gold APK No Root Features

★ Increase Character Abilities – You can use the CLEO Gold APK No Root to increase your character abilities, such as; driving, swimming, stamina, fighting, and others. Once the abilities are increased, then you can get through any level which requires that ability to be full, without stress.

★ Add Custom Vehicles – Using this application, you can be able to add more custom vehicles that isn’t in the original game and use them to the fullest. You can spawn cars or make cars invisible. You can drive cars on water, you can make you vehicles not to be able to destroy.

★ Increase Health – If you’d want to enjoy your GTA Android game well enough, then you should know that health increment is a feature you must never miss. With the CLEO Gold APK, you can achieve this. You wouldn’t be able to die or get killed by anyone or anything. Now police chase wouldn’t scare you anymore.

CLEO Gold APK Info

App NameCLEO Gold
UpdatedMarch 18, 2017.
Req OSAndroid 4.0+
File Size507KB

Download CLEO Gold APK No Root for Android

Now, using the below link you can download the CLEO Gold APK for your Android device. The link to download it will lead you to your Google Drive account, and as soon as it’s downloaded, you can install it on your Android device. Do not fret, for the link is safe to use and is virus-free so it wouldn’t give any malware attack on your Android phone.


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How to Install CLEO Gold APK on Android

  • If you’d want to install the CLEO Gold application on your Android device without facing issues, then you should follow the below instructions carefully.
  • First of all you should enable the Unknown Sources on your Android phone. You can do that by going to your phone’s settings, scroll to ‘Security’ and tap on it.
  • Now, you should scroll down a little below and tick on the ‘Unknown Sources’ if it wasn’t clicked ON before. After doing this, you should go to your Google Drive application.


  • Just as you see in the image above, click on the file APK file you see there which you must have downloaded. Then it would prompt you to install on your Android device, then click on Install.
  • This is how you can install the CLEO Gold Application on your Android smartphone so you wouldn’t encounter any problems when using it.
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Wrapping Up

Enjoy using the CLEO Gold APK No Root on your Android smartphone to install mod scripts to your GTA Android games. This mods would give you the joy of playing an open-world game and you’d feel like a pro. If you got any questions to ask or you face any problems using this APK, then use the comments section to drop your complaints, we’d surely reply.


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