FIFA 2019 (FIFA 19) Highly Compressed (2GB) PC Game Download for Free

FIFA 19 is one of the finest soccer simulation game out in the gaming world at the moment, with much improved graphics, new features and also some exciting game modes, you will surely fall in love with this game. In this article you will be able to download the full fifa 2019 highly compressed files which weighs 2GB per file.

The compressed version of fifa 2019 makes it easier for you to download the game files by files, because the normal size is about 31GB, which is quite difficult to download at once, well you can download fifa 19 highly compressed (2GB) pc game on your windows pc, mac os without going through downloading stress.

fifa 19 compressed pc game

Fifa 2019, was released late 2018, and it has risen to be the best sport game at the moment, you can play this fine soccer game on windows, play station 3&4, Xbox one and other supported gaming consoles and computers, it has a lot of features, new players added to the database, individual skills for each players have been updated, new leagues and stadiums are included as well, game modes and new competitions are available to be played, you can check more of the fifa 2019 compressed pc game below.

Features of FIFA 2019 Highly Compressed PC Game 

Improved Graphics – Fifa 17, 18 was one of the few soccer games that has very much dope graphics when you play it on a gaming console or a gaming pc that has a high vga card, but fifa 19 is quite different cause its graphics is very much realistic and looks like the football stars we watch in a live game, if playing on a device with high graphics specs, then you will experience the realistic display this game has to offer.

New Stadiums – Now you are free to play matches on some of the iconic stadiums in the football world, there are new stadiums out there now, and they are no different from the stadiums we see when watching a live game.

European Game Modes –  This is one of the most fascinating part in fifa 2019, we all love to watch champions league and sometimes europa league, now it has been added in fifa 2019 and you can play with any team you want, it also some of the past winners and some vital tips are offered in the competition.

Players Update – All players are now updated to their respective clubs, every players that was involved in the recent transfer markets are also available in the teams which are in this game, all club coaches and managers are updated as well, and also players number and jerseys are updated as well.

Improved Commentary – Improved commentary from Alan Smith and Peter Drury, this guy’s commentary alone will make you addicted to the game. The commentary will make you want to be in this game as the commentator will be able to give you inspiration to play more and hard so you can defeat your opponent team.

Improved Crowd Engine – The support shouting and clappings are more loud and cheerful than ever to increase your morale when playing the game. Whenever you do score a goal, there you’ll really get the meaning of this. You playing capacity will be boasted so you can work out and score more goals.

fifa 19 highly compressed pc game

Requirements to Play FIFA 19 PC Game

Well a game like this will surely require high specs pc before you can play it, however you can check the system requirements needed before you can play this game, if your pc is able to match the minimum system requirements, then its a good news then.

Minimum System Requirements
OS Window 7,8,10, 64bit
CPU Core i3-2100 @ 3.1GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4 GHz
VGA NVIDIA GTX 460 1GB or AMD Radeon R7 260
HDD At least 50 GB of free space
Internet Internet connection required to install and play


Recommended System Requirements
OS Windows 10 – 64-Bit
CPU Intel i3 6300T or equivalent
VGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon R9 270X
HDD At least 50 GB of free space
Internet Internet connection required to install and play

If your pc doesn’t meet up with any of the above requirements, then its advisable you do not download this game or try playing it, but if your pc has something similar to the requirements shown above, then you can proceed to downloading the game files, with the download links provided below.

 FIFA 19 PC Game Highly Compressed Download Links

The download links are splitted to 16 parts, so therefore its very important to download each files in an ascending order, total file size for the links is over 31GB, so start downloading each files and store them to one location.

   Download Part 1

   Download Part 2

   Download Part 3

   Download Part 4

   Download Part 5

   Download Part 6

   Download part 7

   Download Part 8

   Download Part 9

   Download Part 10

   Download part 11

   Download Part 12

   Download Part 13

   Download Part 14

   Download part 15

   Download part 16

How to Install FIFA 19 PC Game Highly Compressed

  • Make sure you download all files, after downloading, then you will need to unrar each files.
  • Download winrar for pc, or if you have it already, then you can ignore downloading, now select the first file which you downloaded from the download parts, now open with winrar, then type in as the password to unlock the file.
  • Now select other files during the extraction, then once its completed, the folder should show fifa 19 file with 31GB or more size.
  • Now open the folder and locate the setup file, you will need internet connection when installing this game though, but don’t worry much, the internet connection it requires won’t take much data as it is when you’re downloading.
  • Once the whole installation process is done, you can go ahead and play, its a very cool soccer game, and its much fun when you play with friends or play multiplayer against other players online.

fifa 2019 pc compressed download


You can also download fifa 19 mod apk + data for android, and also download fifa 19 compressed for android device as well, just make sure you follow all the steps when installing, don’t forget to leave a comment if you have issues when installing.


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