Filmora9 Video Editor: Full Review and Things to Know

Video editing is one of the skills you will find with most people nowadays and if you’re a producer of a movie director then you will know the real worth of filmora, today I’ll be writing about the filmora9 video editor which was just released a couple of days ago, and this should make fans of filmora cheer out cause this latest version of filmora will take video editing to a whole new level and with its mouthwatering features, you will love filmora more and more.

What is Filmora9 Video Editor?

Filmora9 is a classy video editor for video creators and when we speak of the best video editor out there, then you should look forward to getting fimlora video editors or filmora9, it can help you with editing any videos you want and with it large number of tools for you to use, then you have a lot to cheer about. Developed by wondershare, you can get any video effects you want with filmora9 and like i said it does makes video editing look very easy.

Features of Filmora9

If you’ve used the previous versions of filmora, then you can attest to the fact that filmora has the largest features for video editors and now with the released version of fimlora9, new features has been added and it keeps getting better cause you could try something different with the new filmora9, i’ll be stating down some of the new features filmora9 brings, you can read about them below.

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1. Cool Interface

There’s no doubt when there’s a bad interface, your projects might look rough or look wacky cause you might be squeezing things together due to the lack of good interface, but the new interface on filmora9 video editor is very much different and once you begin to use it, you will see there’s quite a big difference in it, it has a very nice dark background which looks amazing, just create your new project and begin to enjoy filmora9.

2. Video Effects & Transitions

Before going into purchasing a video editing software, people like to check each features first and video effects is one of the key features video editors do like to check up on first before being decisive and officially making a purchase. Well filmora9 just don’t come alone with ordinary features, it comes also with large numbers of video effects and tons of transitions alongside it, some effects are pre-added and while some can still be downloaded from the filmora online store.

3. Creative Tools

Filmora isn’t just the best because its popular, its the best because it has a lot to offer, and when it gets to video editing tools of different type, then its very hard to beat filmora in this part, you can get tons of creative tools on filmora and speaking of these tools,tools that will enable you to make changes to filters, overlays and so much more.

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4. Different Sounds To Tryout

This feature does come in handy most especially when you make skits or funny videos, you can change the default background sound and use any custom one from filmora9, there are lots of sounds from filmora9 and each sounds represent different description and what it can be used for, you can as well as heading to the audio library to tryout other sounds which gives great experience on edited videos.

Well there are still tons of features to know about from filmora9 and these few ones which I’ve stated, i’ll be listing some other features below, newly added feature on filmora9 and using some of these features will give your videos a different quality after being edited.

New Features of Filmora9

There’s a reason to be excited cause filmora is probably the best video editor you could ever come across, and it keeps getting better on filmora9 which is more advanced compared to the older versions that was around before it, here some other features which are offered on filmora9.

1. Adjustable Playback

This is something the older versions of filmora lacked, using filmora9 you can easily play 4k videos and allows you to reduce the quality of the whole video to 1/6th or any ratio you want, this enables you to decide which video quality you want or set the best quality which will be able to play on most devices, unlike older versions of filmora, a feature likes this needs to be done on high-end pc.

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2. Audio Editing Features

Editing has been made more easy now cause you can edit both videos and audios together and that doesn’t have to be done after one has been completed, filmora9 is much more easier with all its newly added features, just get the ones you want and begin to use them to your satisfaction.

3. Improved Import/Export Speed

Filmora9 now makes things easy and when uploading a project or exporting a project, you can get it done within few seconds no matter how large the project is, you can get little time rendering most especially when you have much video clips at bay, this feature really makes things very much easy.

4. Real time Rendering

Real time rendering on filmora9 is super cool and when you deal with high quality videos like 4k, you will feel the smoothness, you can easily control the stability of any footage with filmora9, your work can easily get done with this improved feature.


This is the right time you change that video editor you currently use, and with the help of filmora9, you can easily get the best for your videos, editing has been made easy with filmora and if you’ve used the previous versions of this video editor, then you will know its worth having around, so go ahead and make purchase on it, its not free and quality things are meant to be paid for.


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