How to Fix ‘Unfortunately, Google Play Store Has Stopped’ Error on Android

Fix Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped

Google Play Store is an Android App store which has a lot of applications and games, that can be downloaded onto our Android devices for our personal or individual use. A times, the Google Play Store App usually misbehaves, and brings a pop up on which is written, “Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped” when we enter the app or when trying to download applications. Now if you’ve been facing this error message, here’s where you learn how to fix it.

Now, there are some particular reasons for which this error message comes up. It can either be caused by the cache of your play store app or maybe you’ve unknowingly done some settings which affects this Google Play Store app. Nevertheless, whatever is the cause of this error message, you’ll be getting the fix to this now. All you got to do is just to keep reading so you know how to solve this problem. Now let’s dig in to these fixes.

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How to Fix ‘Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped’ Error on Android

We’ve provided three working methods to which you can fix this error pop up on your Android device when trying to download applications from the Play Store App or open up the Google Play Store App. Now, you should check them out, and try them to solve this issue.

1. Force Stop, Clear Data and Cache of Play Store

Force Stop Google Play Store App

Force stopping your google play store app, and also clearing the data and cache is a factor to help solve this error message that keeps coming up. If you’d want to fix this issue, then this is one of the things you’d need to do. Simply follow the below procedure on how to do this:

  • Navigate to “Settings” on your phone.
  • Scroll down and select “Apps”
  • Click on “Google Play services”. This will display the app’s properties.
  • Click on the “Force Stop” icon.
  • Select the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” option.

Using this method, should fix the error of “Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped”, but if this issue still persist, then I suggest you follow the next procedure to fix it.

2. Reset App Preferences

Reset App Preferences

You might have done some settings unknowingly in the Google Play Store App, and it might be the cause to the error you keep facing. Now, resetting app preferences, will clean every settings you’ve made both knowingly and unknowingly. This might also help fix this issue. Now follow the below steps to do this:

  • Goto “Settings” on your Android.
  • Scroll down, and select “Apps”.
  • Now click on the 3 dots menu button above on the left or right side of your screen.
  • Tap on “Reset App Preferences”
  • All settings made on all of your installed apps will be cleared.

This is a sure way of you fixing this “Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped” Error on your Android device. Though, if the error still continues after doing this, then follow the next procedure below to fix this.

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3. Factory Reset your Android Device

Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped

This procedure should help you fix this issue if the other procedures above didn’t. Factory resetting your Android device, completely wipes of all data on your Android phone except your eternal storage files (only if you choose not to). Now of you’d want to reset your Android device to factory settings, then follow the below procedure:

  • Navigate to your Android device “Settings”.
  • Locate the “Backup & Reset” option, then click on it.
  • Now tap on the “Factory data reset” option.
  • A confirmation message will pop up; “Reset/Restore to Factory Settings”. Click on it to proceed.
  • Your Android device will reset in a matter of minutes.

Of course this will surely fix that annoying error pop up message you keep getting on your Google Play Store, then you can be able to download and install your favorite apps and games without issues.

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Now I’ve listed the best and working methods which would help you solve the “Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped” Error which comes up whenever you try opening the app or downloading applications on your Android via Play Store App. One of above methods must surely work for you. You just have to follow the steps given. If I’ve helped you, do share this article to others for their benefit also.


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