GTA SA CLEO Mod APK for Android (Install CLEO Mods Without Root)


If you’re playing the GTA San Andreas open-world and crime game for Android, you’ll notice that you can’t truly enjoy playing this or getting through some important and very hard missions without the use of cheats and hacks via the GTA SA CLEO Mod APK which can only work by installing CLEO Mods.

Now we all know that to use these cheats or hack scripts, that we’ll be need a rooted Android device right? Well, today in this article I’ll be teaching you how to properly install CLEO Mods on GTA San Andreas game on your Android device without rooting, then you can install safely and enjoy playing missions without hassle. First let’s see some details about CLEO Mods for GTA SA Android game.

What is CLEO Mod?

CLEO Mod is a rework of the GTA San Andreas, that changes the some particular aspect of the game, such as it’s features, and looks. The Mod makes the game become more interesting as more things are added to make your gaming fun and more addictive.

Mod is a short term for the word “Modification”. So when we talk about CLEO Mods, we simply mean the Mod version of GTA San Andreas. Yes, you should know now that games can be modified for added custom features to make the game more playable and enjoyable for you.

CLEO Mod Features

Enable Cheat by Swiping. This Mod is made easier for you to use as you don’t have to make use of your keyboard to type. You can just swipe from the buttom to the top to see and activate any mod.

No Damage to Vehicles. Vehicle damage is one of the things that we suffer when playing the GTA SA CLEO Mod APK game. Well, with the CLEO Mod vehicles won’t get damaged again.

Health Auto Gain and Upgraded Health. The player’s health bar in GTA SA is now increased in length with this mod and whenever you’re injured, the health also fills back up automatically resulting in longer life.

Other Mods. There are other mods and cheats which are also added in this GTA SA CLEO Mod APK such as: spawn vehicles at no time, turbo mode for vehicles with one tap power button, SWAT protection, teleportation, drunk mode to get drunk, and more…

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Requirements to Play GTA SA on Android

There are certain things that’s required of your Android device before GTA San Andreas open world Android game can work on it. They’re listed below, see to it that your phone has these necessities before venturing into this tutorial.

  • An internal storage of 3GB+
  • 2GB or RAM Android device
  • Data bundle of atleast 4GB to download files.

So if you’re sure that your Android phone has got all these requirements, then you can move to the tutorial on how you can install CLEO Mods on GTA San Andreas without Root.

Install CLEO Mods on GTA SA Without Root

Now, before embarking on the procedure to install the mods on your GTA San Andreas Android game, you’d need some certain apps which are important to have. You should need the GTA SA CLEO Mod APK and also CLEO SA APK (No Root) version. You can also use the CLEO Gold APK though.

  • Download GTA SA Mod APK HERE.
  • Download CLEO SA APK (No Root) HERE.
  • Download GTA SA OBB File (Not needed if you’re already playing GTA SA on your Android phone).

Is Root Needed to Install CLEO Mod on GTA SA?

Well, for the normal mod on GTA San Andreas Mod APK, you should be needed a rooted Android device, else the Mod won’t work for you or rather, the APK wouldn’t install or open on your Android phone.

But in this tutorial, I’ll guide you on how you can install the CLEO Mods on GTA SA Mod APK for your Android device so you can enjoy more fun while playing. Not to worry, the steps provided here, are easy to understand and execute.

How to Install CLEO Mods on GTA SA

Now, this is the part which you’ve got to follow up very carefully and cautiously. Any mistake you do here will result in losing your GTA San Andreas data and files, and also the mods wouldn’t work.

Step 1. Uninstall GTA SA Old APK

If GTA SA APK is not installed on your Android device, then this step should be ignored. But if you’re already playing the GTA San Andreas game on your Android device, then you should uninstall the APK.

You: 😱 But if I uninstall the APK, I’ll lose my game data.

Me: No, we’re not totally uninstalling the game completely, so chill 🤗

Before uninstalling the old GTA San Andreas APK, you should do this:

First thing to do before uninstalling the GTA San Andreas APK on your Android, is for you to rename its OBB and Data files via your phone’s file manager, or any other external file manager APK.

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The reason for this is that when you finally uninstall the GTA SA APK, you wouldn’t lose your game data. You can still continue from where you stopped after installing new GTA SA Mod APK.

Step 2. Renaming OBB and Data File

Remember, the reason why we’re renaming these files is so that your OBB and data folder won’t get deleted after you uninstall the GTA SA APK.

If you uninstall your GTA San Andreas APK without renaming these files, they’ll completely be deleted immediately you uninstall the GTA SA APK, resulting to you downloading them again to follow my exact procedure.

How to Rename?

Go to your phone’s file manager, and open the “Internal storage”. Now click on the “Android” folder, and you should see something like the image below


Now you would have to access the OBB and Data folders so you can rename the GTA San Andreas files so that they’ll be safe.

Now, you should click on your Data folder, and find “com.rockstar.gtasa” file in it. Immediately you find the file, long press on it, and some options will appear. Select the “Rename” option and then you should rename the file by adding some numbers or letters at the end. It should be something like “com.rockstargames.gtasa123”. This should change the file name and keep it safe. The image below is an example of how it should be.

Now, once you’ve made sure to rename the GTA SA Data file, go and immediately do same to it’s OBB file using same method.

Uninstall GTA SA Old APK

After you’ve renamed both files of GTA San Andreas via your file manager, you can immediately uninstall the GTA SA Old APK on your Android phone.

Now I believe you wouldn’t be needing any tutorial on how you can uninstall the APK right? You can do that yourself as it’s very easy.

Step 3. Install GTA San Mod APK

After you’ve uninstalled the GTA SA Old APK from your Android device, you can now install the the no-root GTA San Mod APK which the download link is already provided above.

If the APK has been successfully installed on your Android phone, then you can now go and rename the GTA San OBB and Data files to it’s original form as it was before.

Step 4. Install CLEO SA APK and Run Mods

You must have downloaded the CLEO SA APK which I’ve provided it’s download link above. This APK is needed to install mods on your GTA San game.

After installing, launch the application, then navigate to the right side written “SA”. You would see that the CLEO Mods has already been installed so the first option above would show “Uninstall”, but if yours don’t show the Uninstall option, then click on “Install” option just like the image below. Immediately CLEO Mods will be installed on your GTA San Andreas game.

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You can also install other mod scripts by clicking on the “Install Scripts” option which you’ll also see. You can install any mod script of your choice and enjoy using them when playing the game. You just have to swipe up or down on screen, to access the cheats.

Alternative: GTA San Pre-installed CLEO Mod APK

Now, the GTA SA CLEO Mod APK which we shared above might not work on all phones, especially the nougat and oreo Android users. So we’ll provide you with another GTA San Mod APK with pre-installed CLEO Mod.

You don’t need the CLEO SA APK to run the mods after installing this GTA SA pre-installed CLEO APK. But there are still some procedures to follow before you can enjoy using this GTA San pre-installed CLEO Mod APK.

The CLEO Script isn’t a must to download, but it contains some cheat scripts which are not pre-installed in the GTA SA pre-installed CLEO APK. Now what you’re to learn, is how to install these scripts yourself to enjoy them.

Make sure you rename your GTA SA OBB and Data files before uninstalling the GTA SA Old APK just like I explained above in the first tutorial. After doing that, install the GTA SA Pre-installed CLEO Mod APK, and then go rename your OBB and Data files to it’s exact form. Now follow the below steps to install the CLEO Script file which you’ve downloaded.

Extract Mods from CLEO Script File

You must extract the cheat scripts from CLEO Script file using ZArchiver APK or any other file extractor application. After you’ve extracted, the cheat scripts would be shown to you. Now select all the cheat script files.

Then, paste them in your Internal storage, Android, Data, com.rockstargames.gtasa folder.

Immediately you do this, you can now open your GTA SA Mod APK and from there you can access all CLEO Mods which you’ve installed. Now you can enjoy playing your GTA San Andreas Android game.


Note: To access your CLEO Mods, you just have to swipe up or down on your screen and that should bring up the menu to choose any cheat.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can be able to install CLEO Mods on GTA San Andreas open world game without root, on your Android device. One of the given procedures must surely work for you. If I’ve helped you, and you’d like this article, kindly share to others, maybe your friends, so that they can also benefit and also enjoy playing GTA San Andreas on their Android phone. Cheers!


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