How to Earn Free UC and Elite Royale Pass for Free in PUBG Mobile (Working Methods)

PUBG Mobile Android is a very much addictive game and everyday it keeps getting more people addicted, and now cause of its intense scintillating game play, but also because it offers something else.

Its elite royale pass is one of the most lovable features about pubg mobile, this elite royale pass lets you get gun skins, dance moves, car skins and a lot more. However getting a royale pass isn’t free, so here’s is an article on how to earn free uc and elite royale pass in pubg mobile.

how to earn free uc and elite royale pass in pubg mobile

These are legit methods and you don’t need to worry about getting your account banned or whatsoever, so check the method below to know more.

How to Earn Free UC and Elite Royale Pass for Free in PUBG Mobile

Method 1.

This a legit website that will generate both bp and uc money to your pubg account, you can use this website to get free uc money and you can use the uc money to make purchase for royale pass, its a very safe website and you won’t get banned and neither will your account be hacked, here is how to use

Step 1. Visit the website by clicking on this link, then once you’re on the page, you will need to select the type of device you play pubg on, then type in your username.

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how to earn free uc and elite royale pass in pubg mobile

Step 2. Now after you entered your username and selected your device type, now select server, if you want to use any of these servers, you have to use a vpn with it, then make sure your anonymity level is at 100%.

how to earn free uc and elite royale pass in pubg mobile

Step 3. Now enter the amount of bp and uc money you want, don’t be too greedy though, so chose little, then click on proceed, prior to getting to the next page, you will need to pass some human verification test, so i’ll suggest you download a game from the survey options, then play the game for some few mins, the more you play, the more your bp and uc money increases.

how to earn free uc and elite royale pass in pubg mobile

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Well that is all about method one, there about two to three more methods to check out for as well. The following methods are more focused on using third-party apps to earn money and using them to buy royale pass.

Method 2. Roz Dhan – Earn Money

Roz dhan is an app that will let you earn money by doing some few tasks and this app is one of the best free money earning app in india, if you are not in india, you can’t use this app because it pays through paytm, so here is how to earn money from roz dhan app and use it to buy royale pass on pubg mobile.

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Step 1. You need to download the app from google play store, you can just click on the app badge shown below to download directly without having to search play store for it.

Step 2. Open an account by linking your facebook account to the app, once you’ve registered, you will get 25 INR, and once you begin to refer friends, you will get more.

Step 3. To earn more money, you have to watch videos, login daily and also do some tasks as well, and once you have earned about 200 INR, you can request payment to your paytm account and use the money to buy royale pass from pubg mobile.

Method 3. Google Opinion Rewards

Well just like the roz dhan app which was listed above, google opinion rewards is one of the most legit ways to get money by just answering surveys, and you can get paid in different ways, this is actually one of the legit ways i use in getting money to buy uc cash, so here is how to buy royale pass from money made with google opinion rewards.

Step 1. You need to download the app on your android or device, you can download to your respective device type, just click on the app badge shown below, and if you’re an ios user, kindly click on this link.

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Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Step 2. Once you have downloaded the app, now make sure your main gmail account is connected to it, now you can start answering surveys on it, then wait till you reach threshold payment, then select payment method to be google play card or itunes card, then you can use that to buy rolaye pass easily on your pubg mobile account.

Method 4. Get Donations From Communities

This is another legit way to earn more money for uc cash, well if you are a very good gamer who streams your pubg game play to places like facebook, discord, or even youtube, you can easily set a donation button to your streaming page and anyone who enjoys watching your games will surely donate something to appreciate your hard work, nothing comes easy nowadays and if you want something, you have to work for it.


That is all about how to earn free uc and elite royale pass in pubg mobile, these methods are the best, and you need to be careful cause there are many people who wants to hijack your accounts by sending you a phishing link, so you need to be extra careful. Hope you enjoy this article, and don’t forget to share with friends.


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