How to Fix Audio Lag and Scrambling Sound on Windows 10

how to fix audio lag on windows 10

Audio lagging and scrambling can sometimes be very annoying, not only on computers or laptops running windows 10, its can sometimes come up on os lower to windows 10 and which is why a solution needs to be provided before it becomes a persistent issue.

Well today’s article is on and all about how to fix audio lag and scrambling on windows 10, if you find your self in the windows 10 audio bug after an os update or installation of an outdated audio driver, then this article will help you out in fixing it.

Windows 10 is so far one of the best OS released by Microsoft  and it strong security patches is one of the reasons why most people go for it, and using windows 10 on your pc, you definitely don’t need an anti-virus because even its firewall seems stronger than most anti-virus firewalls.

And it gets a constant updates almost every months and whatever updates it brings, most of it are improvements to what has been fixed, and at times it comes along with bugs, bugs like files missing from your pc, or even audio lags, which is very much common nowadays, and sometimes windows 10 update bugs aren’t the only reasons for audio lags and scrambling. Other related issues to it can sometimes be a failed driver or outdated driver, well the solutions are provided below.

How to Fix Audio Lag and Scrambling Sound on Windows 10

Well these solutions aren’t performed with magic and neither do they appear new, well sometimes if we don’t have bugs affecting our smartphones or computers, we won’t know solutions exists and it might be something we all know but didn’t pay much attention to.

Method 1. Running Audio Troubleshooter

Troubleshooting is one of the fastest and easiest way to fix any driver or bug related issues on windows os, it can help you detect whats wrong, and the fastest way to fix it, sometimes it works more efficient is you’re connected to the internet, it can help you get solutions to whatever issue your pc is having, so here is how to make use of it.

STEP 1. On your pc, click on the windows button, then navigate to the search area or just type troubleshoot, then you will see the troubleshoot icon, but to move faster, just look below it and click on find and fix audio playback problems, this makes things much easier.

how to fix audio lag on windows 10

STEP 2. A screen will appear, you just need to click on next, then the troubleshooter will begin to scan for any related issues, if one is found, then it will automatically fix it for you, but sometimes its good to be connected to the internet when using the windows 10 troubleshooter, cause it can also help download a driver if its what the solution needs.

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how to fix audio lag on windows 10

Method 2. Updating Audio Drivers

Like i said earlier on, an outdated audio driver may be the reason behind audio lags and scrambling on windows 10, anyways there is always a quick fix to every minor problems on windows os, here are few ways to update your drivers, not just audio drivers, all drivers on your pc needs to be checked and updated.

STEP 1. On your pc screen, right click on this pc, then move down and click on manage, then once you see the new screen that appears, now look around it and click on device manager, in here you will see all the drivers on your pc.

how to fix audio lag on windows 10

STEP 2. Now scroll down till you get to where your audio drivers are located, before you update, you should check your volume icon located at the windows task bar, click on it so you can see the current audio driver you’re running on, now go back to device manager, right click on the audio driver and click on update.

how to fix audio lag on windows 10

STEP 3. A screen with two options will appear and one says “search automatically for updated driver software” i.e the process will involve using the internet or searching through your windows folders to get the driver it wants to update. The second option which is “browse my computer for driver software” this will allow you select the driver from where you had downloaded it to or from a flash drive, so choose one and let the update begin.

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how to fix audio lag on windows 10

Method 3. Restoring Windows (Rolling Back)

If the above methods don’t seem to work out fine, then this should definitely work out cause once you do it, it will return your pc to the current state it was before the audio lagging started, so to restore windows back to its previous settings, here is what you need to do.

Hit the windows button and search for recovery, once you do that, click on open system restore, this will begin the restoration process and will help you fix every issues that has caused your pc audio to lag.

how to fix audio lag on windows 10


That is all on fixing audio lag and scrambling on windows 10, well the methods are something I’ve used when i also had similar issues with a friends laptop, but if you try all these and the issue didn’t stop, then you will need to take your pc to an engineer or reload your Windows 10 OS again, hope this helps.


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