How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC (Working Methods)

Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Need help playing PUBG Mobile on your PC? Well here’s an article that will give you a plain insight on how to play pubg mobile on PC with emulator and also set the best settings for it.

So far pubg mobile has been the best action shooting game since it became available in all countries, and this game isn’t only available on mobile devices though, its also available on pc and mainly known as PUBG.

But due to the high system requirements for pubg pc, everyone can’t afford or play this game on their pc, but it will all come to an end in few months cause there is also a lite version of pubg pc, but not available in all countries yet, but you can see this tutorial to know how you can play pubg pc lite with vpn.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC (Working Methods)

This process involves using the official tencent gaming buudy, i.e the emulator recommended by the developers of pubg, this emulator is actually one of the best, but you can also check other emulators to play pubg mobile on your pc. Download the emulator via the download buttton shown below.

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How to Setup Tencent Gaming Buddy (Best Graphics Configuration)

Step 1. Once you have downloaded and install the official tencent gaming buddy, now install the .exe file and wait for full installation, then proceed to downloading pubg mobile, you can check game center and search for it.

Step 2. After the successful installation of pubg mobile, now you’ll need to do some few settings on the emulator before you proceed into playing the game, these settings will help you optimize the emulator so you can get a good graphics experience.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Step 3. Now follow up with the options which you will need to set exactly as seen on this page, doing something else might not let you get the best possible graphics display for pubg mobile on tencent gaming buddy.

  • While on the settings page, now switch to engine mode and do the following settings just as you have seen them on this page.
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How to Get the Best Possible Graphics Settings on Tencent Gaming Buddy
  • While in the Engine Tab. You have to enable “Prioritize Dedicated GPU“, this will make the emulator make use of your pc dedicated gpu, i.e your graphics, but if you don’t have a dedicated gpu, this option won’t be effective.
  • Now move to the memory part, you will need to select the highest memory available on the option list, then once you do that, your resolution settings should match your exact pc resolution.
  • In The Processor option select the highest number provided on your screen, well if your pc ram is high, and your processor is high as well, you have more chances of getting high processor in the tencent gaming buddy.
  • In DPI Option, well i will advise you set yours to the lowest cause that will enhance your graphics to the best, if it doesn’t give you what you want, you can select a higher DPI, your settings should look similar to the one shown below.
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How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

How to Setup Graphics Settings on PUBG Mobile

After settings the tencent gaming buddy graphics, well there is one more thing left to do and that is setting the graphics after you have launched the game, once you have launched the game and created your pubg mobile account or logged in to an existing one.

Now go to settings, then click on graphics, then look at the image below to set yours to look exactly like it, don’t get your attention turned to the HDR or Ultra HD options, but depending on your pc specs, you can choose to go for them.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC


That’s all about how to play pubg mobile on PC, these will give you same experience like that of the pubg mobile we play on phones, even this one seems better cause you will have more aiming and shooting accuracy.

If you have any issues with getting the best settings for this game or this game lags while playing, you can leave a comment here for fast solution on how to make things okay, we reply really fast, so reach us.


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