Tips to Increase Internet Speed on Android Device

Increase Internet Speed on Android

Your Android Device do not always process at top efficiency. Sometimes you have to march in and give a helping hand. When the internet speed of your Android device is slow, you tend to get irritated and angry. No one likes to browse the internet or download on a slow speed. So now, in this article, you’d get to know the tips you could use to increase internet speed on Android device.

When you are suffering from slow internet speed on your android device, you have to know the ways in which you can speed up your internet. This does not mean that your 3G or 4G network will run like the flash, but at the very least, you could cut down your internet (browser) load time. The tips provided here, will help you fix that problem of slow internet speed.

Presently we need to access the internet for a good number of times, in whatsoever sector or field we specialize on. The internet is used by people to dig out more information on different kinds of topics, for trade/business persistence to get most modern (current) delegate of the market and lots more. Just keep reading, to know how you can increase internet speed on Android.

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Reason’s for Slow Internet Speed on Android Device

Slow internet speed don’t just decide to occur on an Android phone. Of course, there are several reasons why we do have slow internet speed issues on our Android devices. These things tend to slow down our internet speed, and hence, we couldn’t browse or download at a quicker pace. We’ve listed those reasons below. Check them out;

  • Bad Signal Strength.
  • Congestion (Air Pollution, Excess Of Traffic).
  • Network Problem From Your Mobile Internet Company.

Now that we’ve seen the reasons why our internet speed is slow, let’s see the way to solve such problem. This article tends to give out some solutions and tips that would help increase internet speed of your Android smartphone. Below are some tips to help increase internet speed on Android.

Tips to Increase Internet Speed on Android Device

Increase Internet Speed on Android

1. Clear Cache of Android Device:  Do you know that clearing the cache memory of your android device tends to increase the internet speed of that device? The answer is YES. If the cache memory of an Android device is filled up, it slows down the performance of that device, which in turn makes the internet speed of that to be slow. So you should always tend to clear the cache of your Android device for faster mobile experience and also to improve internet speed of that device.

2. Uninstall Useless/Irrelevant Apps from Android Device: There are lots of useless/irrelevant applications which are installed in your Android device, and what they tend to do is to decrease your mobile experience and also slow down internet speed. Uninstall/remove such applications from your Android device and retrieve your internet speed.

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3. Enable Maximum Loading Data Option: Yes you wouldn’t have noticed that in your android device Wireless And Network Settings, there are options of GPRS Transfer Prefer and Call Prefer. Find it and change it to Data Prefer. This will tend to increase your android device internet speed.

4. Choose Preferred Network Connection to 3G/4G: We all do know that 3G internet speed is much higher to 2G internet speed and also 4G internet speed is much higher than both 2G and 3G internet speed. If your Phone and mobile network company offers 3G internet service, then go to your Andorid device mobile settings in Wireless And Network Option and choose your preferred network to 3G. This also applies to 4G internet service. Do this and increase your Android device internet speed.

5. Install a Fast Internet Browser App on Android Device: Of course the web browser application we use in our device do play an important role in increasing our internet loading, uploading, and downloading speed. There are lots of Android internet browser applications available on Google Playstore and other App Stores. But you should tend to choose a fast browser application. Let me recommend some for you.

These recommended web browsers above, are among the best browsers for Android, and they’ll make you feel the sweet and fast internet browsing experience ever before. I beseech you to download and install any one of them on your Android smartphone.

6. Enable Text Mode in your Internet Web Browser Application: If you do not need any images while surfing the internet, you can as well disable images in your web browser. This will tend to increase your Android device internet speed. If you use Google Chrome Browser, then download Text Mode Browser Extension to disable images in it.

7. Use Internet Speed Boost Apps to Increase Android Internet Speed: I know that you may be astonished to know that there are several internet speed boosting applications. But yes there are various of them which you can download from Google Play Store or other App Stores. So why not try them out? They will surely be of great help. You should dim it fit to read this article, and find out good internet speed boosting Android apps for your smartphone.

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You’ve seen and learnt the best solutions and tips to solving slow internet speed on your Android device. You should make sure to try them out as they’ll be a sure solution to help you increase internet speed on Android. If they worked for you, we would surely appreciate your comment. If you still have a problem after using the tips, you can also drop your complaint. Meanwhile, do share this article to others, so they could also benefit.


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