How to Install Kali Linux on Android [Without Root]

Install Kali Linux on Android

Kali Linux is one of the most used OS for penetration testing and best for exploiting any type of hacks. The amazing part is, Kali Linux can also be installed on Android device, but it’s only for rooted devices. Though people don’t like this rooting of a thing because it’s illegal and it also voids warranty, but that wouldn’t be a problem to you anymore, because, right here in this article, I’ll be explaining to you how you can be able to install Kali Linux on Android without root.

Kali Linux grants one the possibility to hack whatever one wants to hack, provided the person’s got the knowledge of how to hack. You can do so many things on your Android device as long as this OS remains installed and activated on your mobile smartphone. Do note that intentionally using this application for illegal, and evil things, would be at your own risk, and we wouldn’t be held responsible for your deeds. Do use this for only education and testing purposes. Now let’s get back on track and teach you how to get Kali Linux Installed on your Android device without rooting.

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How to Install Kali Linux on Android Without Root

NOTE: Follow the below procedure carefully, and cautiously, so you can be able to install this OS on your Android device, without root.

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STEP 1. First and foremost, you’d need to download and install GNURoot application on your Android device. This is the only app that will let you run Linux files on your Android smartphone and also let you run a fake Linux platform.


STEP 2. In this application, you will find different type of distro Linux roots that are Wheezy, Fedora, Aboriginal, and Gentoo. These are the platforms that will allow other Linux application to run on them. Now you should choose any of them, and simply tap on “Create New Rootfs”. Then you should wait for the process to get complete.

Install Kali Linux OS on Android

STEP 3. Now, after the download is finally complete, simply select the distro in the second drop down list and then simply tick on the option “Launch as Fake Root” and then tap on “Launch Rootfs”. This will then launch all Roots file on a fake platform.

Install Kali Linux on Android

Bravo, you’re done with that, Linux is successfully installed on your Android device. Now the aftermath of the installation, is that you can now easily install all extra packages on your Android device.

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This is how how you can be able to install Kali Linux on Android devices. It’s really cool and if you have the knowledge of hacking then don’t hesitate to try this out. But remember, do not use this knowledge for illegal purposes as we would not be held responsible for it. If this article has helped you in a way, please don’t forget to share to others and also comment.


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