How to Optimize Windows 10 for Better Gaming 2019

Optimize Windows 10
How To Optimize Windows 10

You will be thinking that how optimizing windows will be helpful for better gaming experience? Well for that we should firstly know some of the Features of Windows 10.

Windows 10 comes with tons of amazing features, functions and other great helpful things.

But sometimes there are many functions which we do not require and also are the ones which are using most of the RAM and CPU.

Thereby because of these programs and tasks being unnecessarily use in the background effects our gaming experience which results in lags and improper gaming experience.

So I will be showing you how to optimize Windows 10 for better gaming experience, when you will optimize Windows 10 not only you will be experience better gaming but also it will boost up the slow performance of you PC.

Your PC will boost after you optimize Windows 10, no more lags, no more slow performance, and fast browsing will be the results after the optimization.

Because Optimized windows eats less RAM and CPU when compared to Non-Optimized.

How To Optimize Windows 10 For Better Gaming Experience

Below mentioned phrases are the most important points to optimize Windows 10 for better performance :

  1. Uninstall Useless Softwares.
  2. Disable all the Startup Applications.
  3. Set Power Options to High.
  4. Decrease Visual Effects.
  5. Use Wise Game Booster.

Now these are the important Tips to optimize Windows 10, so to implement these instruction, below the instructions are given on how we can implement them and see the better results.

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After you implement these Tips, you will have better gaming experience, and will face no type of lags, no slow performance and will characterize the useless applications to very low priority.

1. Uninstall Useless Softwares

Uninstall Useless Software
Uninstall Useless Softwares

So to proceed with this step to optimize windows 10, click on the start and then search for control panel there and open it.And at the bottom of the screen you can see the option for uninstalling the program.

After clicking on Uninstall Programs, you will come up with the list of all the Applications – Important and Useless applications which has been installed on you computer.

So search in the list which applications you don’t need and uninstall them, by doing so it will free up the RAM and the usage of CPU.

You should be regularly checking this list to make sure there are no useless applications installed on your computer, and this also includes the applications which you have not used for a long period.

Uninstalling these apps will free up some memory which will be very much beneficial for us, no lags, better surfing and performance.

2. Disabling the Startup Applications

Disabling All Startup Apps
Disable Startup Applications

Startup Applications are those applications which automatically starts when the PC is turned one Windows 10 i completely booted.

These startup applications mostly contains the useless apps which starts running as soon as the PC starts.

These applications uses lot of RAM and CPU causing problem in the performance of the PC.

So to solve this critical problem we have just have to disable the startup apps as mentioned below :

  1. Right click on the Task Bar and select the Task Manager.
  2. Now go to the startup tab in the task manager.
  3. Now Disable all the applications which are shown in the list.
  4. Restart your computer.
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After following the above mentioned steps you will be seeing the effect and the changes and the performance of your computer after this, and optimize Windows 10 is now working.

Window is optimize and will be showing greater performance for sure !

3. Set Power Option To High (Optimize Windows 10)

Set Power Option To High
Set Power Option To High

To increase the gaming performance we can optimize Windows 10 by also setting the performance of the PC to High.

By allowing to do so the performance of the whole PC system will be increased.

And no lags will be faced in-game.

To do so open up the Control Panel from the start menu and select the Power Plan option.

After that the screen will be there in which at bottom there will be checkbox for High Performance, check it and then you are all set.

But the disadvantage of this optimization is that in case of Desktop you will be putting your Power Supply into Danger.

As this power plan can demand high power from the supply resulting in some damage.

4. Decrease Visual Effects

Decrease Visual Effects
Decrease Visual Effects

Visual Effects are the effects which you feel when you switch tabs, windows or open any software, there popping up or down is very smooth because of Visual Effects.

And these Visual Effects eats lots and lots of CPU and RAM usage.

So minimizing them will be helpful to optimize Windows 10.

Moreover the visual effects are not that much necessary in Windows 10.

These Visual Effects slow down the other processes.

And below I will be showing you how to decrease or disable these Visual Effects :

  1. Right Click on This PC and select Properties.
  2. Select Advance System Properties from the left column and go to performance setting.
  3. And Disable the top three Animation, these three animations are very much worst.
  4. Or simply opt for Best Performance which will automatically disable all the slowing effects.
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Following the above mentioned steps will help you in increasing the performance of you PC by disabling the unnecessary Visual Effects.

5. Use Wise Game Booster Before Playing

Use Wise Game Booster
Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster is the leveled up feature to optimize windows 10 for better gaming experience.

It is absolutely free to get and does not cause any load after installing.

The available four tabs in this software helps us to optimize windows 10 completely for better gaming and overall experience.

In Wise Game Booster you can add your game and instantly boost it to play at that point of time.

And all the available tabs in this software are the top level features available.

For you to enhance your gaming experience and overall gaming experience.

The features available are very much responsible for increasing the system performance, and over all experience.

Just download it from here and install it and configure it easily and you are all set to play and have high performance experience, and windows 10 is optimized.


After all research I came up with the available 5 Best Tips to Optimize Windows 10 for better gaming experience.

Follow these above steps to Optimize Windows 10 and enhance your Gaming Experience and overall Performance of the PC.

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Any questions regarding How to Optimize Windows 10 for Better Gaming Experience.

Will be answered down below in the comment section !


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