Pixel 3 Lite Most Amazing Smartphone 2019

Pixel 3 Lite Model
Pixel 3 Lite

Pixel 3 Lite most amazing smartphone of 2019 is here, with all the best in amazing features and options.

As we know, from past years Google have made an awesome progression after releasing the Pixel phone.

The amazing Pixel series now has Pixel 3 Lite model which will provide the best features available to us.

According to the rumors this Pixel 3 model Lite which is mid ranged was to launched in the April 2018, but that never happened.

But in 2019, we are all ready to see this amazing mid ranged device known as Pixel 3 Lite. According to the reports Google is all ready to launch this Pixel 3 Lite version in few months in 2019 only.

Features of Pixel 3 Lite

Pixel 3 Lite Model
Pixel 3 Lite

The Pixel 3 Lite version is lower in specs when compare to the Pixel 3 model, lower quality display.

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Less storage and others when compared to the Pixel 3 model.

Plastic body instead of metal and glass.

Camera Quality

But, most amazing thing is that according to the reports the Pixel 3 Lite will have the same Camera Package as that of the regular Pixel 3.

If the reports are true, then surely this Pixel 3 Lite device is all set to capture awesome and jaw dropping pictures.

Less cost than the original one, but having the exact same Camera package as regular one is the best thing.

Moreover, no headphone jack is leading to many problems.

So surprise this Pixel device does have an 3.5mm headphone jack.

But the regular Pixel 3 doesn’t have the headphone jack.

Price Range

Also reports have said that this upcoming Pixel 3 Lite will cost you around $300 or less.

Which means people will definitely go for this device.

When you are having the camera experience of the regular Pixel 3 device.

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And you are getting the same experience at low cost, then people are definitely going for this.

Amazing Camera quality at such price.

People will definitely go for this device in that case.

Affordable and Amazing

Google have made this decision of launching this certain phone with these features.

At low cost so that this device could be easily affordable to the other people out there too.

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Previously Google Pixel series was accessible to a limited consumers only.

But now because of Pixel 3 Lite, it will be accessible to a whole new market of consumers.

This device will also be great option for those people too who are willing to switch phone and to carry their work in Pixel series.

This Pixel device will give buyer an experience which will definitely lead them to buy other flagship phones of Google Pixel Series.

Google needed an amazing mid ranged phone, so that the pixel series can be accessible to the lot of consumers out there.

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After launch this device will be available at Pixel Store

Pixel 3 Lite do the job by being introduced to the new consumers at an affordable price.

And according to me, by going thorough most of these features.

This Lite version of Pixel 3 is definitely recommendable to every person, providing jaw dropping camera quality available at less cost.

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Any questions regarding the upcoming Pixel 3 Lite version will be answered down below in the comment section!


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