Samsung Foldable Phone Leaked Promo Video

Samsung Foldable Phone
Samsung Foldable Phone

Samsung Foldable Phone, is really true as seen in its promo video according to the reports.

The year of 2019 is having many significant innovations of the smartphones, gradual and amazing format and technologies.

Yes The Samsung is up with the Samsung Foldable Phone which is to be the first Samsung Foldable Smartphone type of innovation.

This Samsung Foldable Phone is spot in the leaked official Promo video.

Leaked Samsung Foldable Phone

The Samsung is to be the first manufacturer of having Samsung Foldable Smartphone, with amazing innovation it is.

In this article, the glimpse of this amazing phone is shown to you, and this device is set to launch in an event in February.

February 20th 2019 is the event date at which this device is going to get launched.

Yes, this date is the also the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 And S10+ model, and also showcasing this new device.

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This anticipating device is the Samsung Foldable Phone, which is pretty amazing as shown in the video.

The Samsung is working on this anticipation since a long time, so it is going to set a new craze among smartphone freaks.

Almost, this device is going to be ready soon to put this Samsung Foldable Smartphone on the official market, and make it available for all.

Check this video out to reveal the Samsung Foldable Smartphone – Samsung Foldable Mobile Phone

This video was upload by mistake or some sort of confusion, and taken down by the uploaders immediately.

But some of the users have immediately downloaded this digital video content before this video was taken down.

As you can see in the video, the Samsung is going to set markets on fire whether it be gaming, smartphones etc.

According to the reports, we will have two screens in a smartphone.

Interior Screen And Exterior Screen, each with it’s amazing features and technical characteristics.

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The external display have the resolution of 840×1960 pixels, thus having a density of 420 pixels per inch(PPI).

And this same screen can be fold serving as the cover of the smartphone.

HTC Phone – HTC Desire 12s

Resolution (Samsung Foldable Phone)

The interior or you can say the main screen will have the resolution of 1536×2152 pixels which will result in the density of 420 pixels per inch(PPI).

The Samsung is keeping most of the information about this device secret.

Till the launch date, to launch the Samsung Foldable Phone on 20th February 2019.

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Screen Size (Samsung Foldable Smartphone)

Samsung Foldable Phone
Samsung Foldable Phone

The amazing thing of this Samsung Foldable Smartphone is that, when opened the screen have 7.2 inches of screen size.

And when closed it have 4.6 inches of screen.

This is going to be the most innovative and amazing thing in the smartphone arena.

Many of the tech geeks are very excite to know it’s full information on the launch date which is set to be 20th February 2019.

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Also many of the great things is there in the above presented video.

Showing the bright and the amazing future of the Samsung Company in technology.

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