5 Tips to Free Up Internal Storage Space on Android Devices

Tips to Free Up Internal Storage Space

Let’s talk about the infuriating part about Android devices. No doubt it’s one of the best mobile OS out there, but speaking of cheap and annoying issues, you’ll find them mostly on Android devices and some examples are low storage issues and screen overlay issues, but today I’ll be talking about tips to free up internal storage space on android devices, so if you’re having any issues related to this, then you need to follow up with this article.

Most times when we try downloading a file or maybe an app, or we want to receive from another device, we see a popup notification saying our device is running low of internal storage, yeah it’s sometimes confusing because most people do use an SD Card for their phone, but still it shows device is running low of internal storage. Few things are behind this and I’ll explain why it’s like that.

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We all know Android OS is an open source operating system, which means sometimes we have to set things the way we want it to be,  and an example is setting our preferred storage location. Because if we don’t do this, most of our files and app will end up on internal storage and too much of it will make our device run low of memory. But there are other things that can cause low internal storage, I’ll list them and also explain how to free up internal storage space for your Android device.

5 Tips to Free Up Internal Storage Space on Android

So now I’ll give out 5 best working tips which can help you to fix that low storage issue that’s always disturbing your Android device usage. Let’s get to it…

1. Cache / How to Clear Cache

Tips to Free Up Internal Storage Space

Cache is one the major cause to internal storage getting low, they’re invisible to human eyes and they get stored when we make activities like surfing the net, downloading of apps, e.t.c. Having too much cache will not only cause low storage but will also reduce device performance, so if you want to know how to clear cache on your android device then follow this guide. Go to Settings>>Storage>>Apps, then select any app to clear the cache or you can Clear Cache by Navigating to Settings>>Storage, then scroll down till you see the cache folder, tap on it for total cache clearance.

2. Make Use of SD Card (External Storage)

Tips to Free Up Internal Storage Space

External Storage is very important, mostly to Android users, although some don’t take it important because most of the newly developed Android devices do come with at least 16gb internal memory, but we all know the total space that can be used won’t exceed 10 to 12gb, but it all depends on how you use your device or the type of things you collect. If you’re the type who download heavy apps, I’ll suggest you get an SD Card and change your storage target location to external storage, and by doing this, you’ll see much changes to your device internal storage.

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3. Delete Duplicate or Junk Files

Tips to Free Up Internal Storage Space

Junk and duplicate files won’t do you any good when they make your phone their home. Junk files are mostly found when we uninstall an application. The leftovers from the app are called junks, and if you want to remove them, go to your device File Manager, and then choose SD Card or Internal Storage, depending on the location which you installed the app to, locate the “Android” folder, locate and delete the app leftover folder from there.

4. Use “Lite” Version Apps

Tips to Free Up Internal Storage Space

Life has been easy with lite version applications. If you’re an addict to social media networks, you’ll realise even Facebook has two types, which are the normal Facebook and Facebook Lite. The normal Facebook stores a lot of data when you install it, so if you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy much of its memory consumptions, you can make use of the lute version which doesn’t consume your space, though their functions might be different.

5. Use Cloud Storage

Tips to Free Up Internal Storage Space

Cloud Storage are much more helpful than internal and external storage, with cloud storage you can keeps those heavy files that are eating up your internal storage. Cloud storage is very useful and with it you can’t loose any file for as many years as you can count.

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These are all the useful tips to free up internal storage space I can give to you in terms of dealing with low storage issues on your android device, you can thank me later for this, if you did benefit from this article, please kindly share  to and also keep your comments coming. You can also drop some other useful tips which are not listed here. Thank you!..


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