YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa) 7.81 Download Latest Version for Android

YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa) 7.81

Perhaps you’ve heard about YoWhatsApp APK 7.81 and you’re looking for the right download link to get it, well here’s an article which comes with the yowhatsapp download link and also its features, how to install and setup correctly on your android device.

Just as popular as the GBWhatsApp is, YoWhatsApp APK also follows it in the line of the best whatsapp mods out there and i can’t argue less on the fact that yowhatsapp offers more features than gbwhatsapp, features like dual whatsapp, privacy features, themes and customization are found on yowhatsapp. Follow the article to know more about Yowhatsapp 7.81 apk which is the latest version for android devices.

The official whatsapp app is pretty much okay for users to use and of course it has a lots of features on its own, it has emojis, stickers and gifs, even you can still do some tweaks on it and make it look like a modded whatsapp version, but that’s not enough because a modded whatsapp like yowhatsapp and gbwhatsapp provides more features and that has increased their wants by users, nowadays everyone now searches for modded whatsapp because they want to enjoy extra features.

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I’ll be discussing some few things about Yowhatsapp apk and what makes it really special, just follow up with the article to know more about it.

YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa)

What is YoWhatsapp APK?

YoWhatsApp is a modded version of the official whatsapp application, developed by an arab developer, this modded brand of whatsapp offers a lot and can’t be compared to the normal whatsapp in terms of features and customization. With yowhatsapp you can setup privacy and some other stuffs, just like gbwhatsapp which offers same tweaking option, but yowhatsapp provides more updates and of course its features are much than that of gbwhatsapp.

YoWhatsApp 7.81 Fixes

  • [Fixed] Voice note recording in some Android 8+ devices
  • [Fixed] Voice note contact picture not showing fully with pics in chat
  • [Fixed] Quoted message indicator colors issue
  • [Fixed] Crash when accessing 6.Password
  • [Misc] More bug fixes and improvements!

YoWhatsApp APK 7.81 (Changelog)

  • [Exclusive] You can add Custom Stickers from Play Store to all packages! (com.yowa, com.yowa2
  • [Enabled] Reply privately in Groups (select message>3-dot menu)
  • [Enabled] Stickers
  • [Added] New Emojis
  • [Added] Disable “Forward” tag option (YoMods>Privacy>Disable Forwarded)
  • [Re-Added] Anti-Delete Status/Story option (YoMods>Privacy>Anti-Delete Status)
  • [Added] Vibrate option for Hidden chats (click gear icon in Hidden chats page)
  • [Added] In-App Language changer support for Android 8.0+ (Option 1.3.0)
  • [Added] Hidden chats will not show in “Calls” tab log
  • [Added] Document bubble now applies bubble text color!
  • [Added] Speed improvements in YoThemes Store
  • [Added] Password settings are now protected also when app is locked
  • [Added] Increase Forward limit to 100 chats (USE AT OWN RISK!)
  • [Added] Stickers bubble takes color automatically
  • [Added] Confirm message before clearing recent emojis
  • [Improved] WhatsApp AppLock
  • [Improved] Pics Outside Bubble performance
  • [Improved] When Hide Contact name is activated, contact name will not show in recents
  • [Improved] Reduced lags and more speed!
  • [Fixed] Forwarded Audio does not show pics in chat
  • [Fixed] Blocked Calls stay in notification bug
  • [Fixed] Emoji not showing correctly in contact status
  • [Fixed] White time color issue in Media bubble
  • [Fixed] Download Button goes below navbar in Status
  • [Fixed] Hide Dividers option not applying in Status tab
  • [Fixed] Security holes in Conversation lock
  • [Fixed] RTL languages overlap in Dribble and Dribble V2 entries
  • [Misc] More bug fixes and improvements!
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YoWhatsApp Features on Android

You’ve heard and known about yowhatsapp, how about reading more about it features, you can read them below to know more about it.

Dual Account

YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa)

This is one of the most fascinating feature about YoWa, this lets you run two whatsapp account on your android device, with both yowhatsapp and the official whatsapp app together, you definitely have nothing to worry about, even yowa works alongside gbwhatsappp and other mods like it self.

Privacy is very much important in one’s daily life and if you’re the type who gives out your phone to random people, then you definitely need to use the dual account feature of yowhatsapp. Even at times you can run about 5 whatsapp accounts at once and there won’t be any disturbance coming from any of it.


YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa)

I as a person usually don’t take a chill pill when it comes to privacy. Privacy matters a lot to me and using the like of yowhatsapp and gbwhatsapp has made it very easy for me, with yowhatsapp you can easily control some stuffs on how you want others to see your online activity. Yowhatsapp offers a lot of privacy options which you can use, and most of these privacy options are not even available on the normal whatsapp app.

Below are some of the privacy features which you will find on yowhatsapp and you can easily set them and get them running for you, its just so amazing.

  • Hide Last Seen/Online Status – One of my favorite feature actually, hiding your last will make people think you’re not online and when using online status, this makes it more interesting because once you activate the Hide Online Status feature, your last seen can actually appear like “Last Seen Dec 3, 12:00 PM” Honestly people will get confused and will actually think you’ve been off for long.
  • Anti-Revoke Messages Feature – You get pissed when someone sends you a message and prior to reading it, then you see something like *This Message Has Been Deleted* yeah it annoys a lot, but when using the anti-revoke message feature, you can easily see any deleted messages, you will even get a notification about a deleted message, so you got nothing to worry about.
  • Call Control – Getting calls from a random person is very annoying, i personally despise that habit, but with yowhatsapp, you can decide who calls you or not, even if you don’t want calls from everyone or few people u know, you can easily set your call control options to the best that suits you perfectly.
  • Hide View Status – Another cool privacy option which will let you view other people’s status undetected, you can view over millions of status daily and none of the viewed status owner will be aware you viewed their status.
  • Hide Blue Ticks – This feature lets your blue ticks get hidden, i.e once you receive a message, the sender won’t be aware if you’ve read it or not
  • Hide Second Tick – Hiding second tick is cool as well, that makes it look like the senders message has been sent but hasn’t being delivered, but you know withing you that you’ve read it, its a cool feature but it doesn’t let you get messages on time.
  • Hide Typing – You can use this if you don’t want people to know you’re typing a message at the moment.
  • Hide Recording – You can also hide recording, people won’t be aware you’re trying to send them audio messages.

To get this privacy features working for you, all you need to do is just navigate to settings from your yowhatsapp, click on Menu >> YoMods >> Privacy >> Choose Your Preferred Option


YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa)

When you use a modded whatsapp, you can’t do less than to just like and admire the hard work which was implemented by the developers of these mods. Using theme on the likes of yowhatsapp and gbwhatsapp is very cool and it gives your whatsapp a different look entirely, there are some of the things the official whatsapp is lacking, and using a modded whatsapp like yowa and co, you will be able to give your whatsapp appearance a different look.

Find all the themes at Menu >> YoMods >> YoThemes >> Download

Sending Message to a Contact You Didn’t Save

YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa)

This is one of the reasons why yowhatsapp is considered to be the best modded version of whatsapp, this feature lets you send messages or call someone who is on whatsapp but not on your contact list. If you want to send someone message or call them on a short time, then you should definitely try this and it doesn’t require you saving the persons number.

You can find this option in Menu >> Send Message >> Type Number with Country Code >> Send/Call


YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa)

Just like gbwhatsapp and its customization’s, yowhatsapp also lets you customize your whatsapp the way you want it to look like, you can get lots of customization options there, and you can use them the way you like, some of these customization options are written below, you can as well check them out.


You can modify the color of these parts

  • Action bar Text Color
  • Background
  • Status bar
  • Navigation bar

Below are the Customization what you can get from this option.

  • Font Style
  • Dark UI
  • Change Notification Icon

Find these options in Menu >> YoMods >> Universal >> Choose

Hide Media From Gallery

YoWhatsApp APK (YoWa)

Here’s another rare feature you’ll not find on official whatsapp and other modded whatsapp, if you’re the type who chats and at times send naughty videos, pictures, gifs and other stuff, you can easily hide them from appearing on your gallery and it can’t be seen even if someone tries using a third-party gallery app, it still won’t show.

This feature only hides your media from appearing in gallery, it can still be seen if checked from your device file manager, but that’s not a big issue because its not everyone who has time to look through people’s file manager.

You can try this option in Menu >> Yomods >> Hide Media from gallery >> Photos/Videos/GIFs

Other Features You Can Use on YoWhatsApp APK

I’ve listed the key features you can use on yowhatsapp, now its time to read about other features which yowa allows its users to use, just read about them below, there some cool picks from it actually.

  • Language – Irregardless of which language you understand and the one you don’t, yowhatsapp alone has about 13 different language options, you can just go to your settings and change the language to the one you understand better.
  • Many Launcher Icons – This feature actually blends with theme, once you change your yowhatsapp theme, you can also change the app icon to match well with the current theme you’re using.
  • Always Online Feature – This consumes more battery and probably takes extra internet data, but this feature will make you look much active, even when not on the whatsapp app, your contact name will still appear as online.
  • Up to 30 Mins Video Status – The normal whatsapp only allows 30 seconds video upload, but if you’re the type who uploads video’s with longer duration’s, then you should find this feature very useful.
  • Show Contact Pic In-Chat – When chatting with someone, you can enable these feature to let the contact pic appear on every message he or she sent while in the conversation page.
  • Increase Video Size – If you want to send out large video files, then these feature is good for that, but you have to be able to handle the rate at which your data will be exhausted, you can increase video upload size to up to like 700 MB with this feature.
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Download YoWhatsApp APK 7.81 Latest Version

Actually, YoWhatsApp APK 7.81 came in two variants, which are, the one with emoji changer, and the one without emoji changer. Here, you get the download links to the two variants, so you can download whichever suites you. The download links are below, don’t worry you’re not downloading with corrupted virus links. These links are safe, and free to use, and the APK files are not corrupted.

YoWhatsApp 7.81 With Emoji Changer


YoWhatsApp 7.81 Without Emoji Changer


YoWhatsApp APK Version Info

DeveloperYousef Al Basha
UpdatedDecember 16, 2018.
Required OSAndroid 4.0+
Size44MB + 32MB

How to Install YowhatsApp (YoWa) APK

Installing yowhatsapp isn’t that stressful and the steps are just the basic things most android users are familiar with, make sure you’ve downloaded the apk file from the provided link above, and also, you have to uninstall the normal whatsapp before you begin installing this one. And also creating a backup is important if you still want to get your messages back.

STEP 1. Open the official whatsapp, then navigate to settings by tapping on the 3 dots which is located at the top right-hand side in your whatsapp app, then tap on chats, also click on chat backup. Then begin backing up your messages.

STEP 2. Before installing the yowhatsapp on your android device, you need to enable unknown sources on your android device, this will let you install apps outside playstore, you can enable that by going to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, then tick it if not ticked.

STEP 3. After you’ve enabled unknown sources, now go to where the yowhatsapp apk is located, now click on install and wait for few minutes while it installs on your android device.

STEP 4. After it has installed, now open the yowa app and try registering like its a new account with a new number, but before you type in your number, click on Copy Whatsapp Data, then input your number, after your number has being confirmed, you’ll see a pop-up notifying you on maybe you should restore a backup, click on restore and wait for few seconds. then you can start to use yowhatsapp. But these steps are for new yowhatsapp users, old user don’t need to go through all these stress.

YoWhatsApp FAQs

Some of the questions people ask about yowhatsapp and also all the answers we provide, if you’re new to modded versions of whatsapp, you might have much interest in reading this FAQs, so read about them below.

Is it Advisable to Use YowhatsApp?

Well its a question which needs an answer just to clear doubting minds, yes its safe to use yowhatsapp and any other modded whatsapp because they all share the same server with the official whatsapp i.e all messages you sent or received are encrypted just like the normal whatsapp.

Can You Hack YoWhatsApp APK?

Well the answer is boxed as a (NO) you can’t hack either yowhatsapp, official whatsapp or any other moded whatsapp.

Is YoWhatsApp APK Available on iPhone?

Well in as much as everyone wants to use yowhatsapp or other modded types of whatsapp, it disappointing that it won’t be on iphone because they don’t allow such apps on the apple store.

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So far So good, everything about the YoWhatsApp APK app has being detailed here and you can just go ahead to download and install on your android device, if you have any issues when installing or you can’t get some features to use, you can leave us a comment via the comment box, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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